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Position Statement – ESOT and ESGICH

We are delighted to announce that we have published a position statement in collaboration with ESGICH. This document represents a position statement by which the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT) and the ESCMID Study Group for Immunocompromised Hosts (ESGICH) aim to provide guidance to clinicians involved in the care of solid organ transplant recipients regarding the

NEW course on Organ Donation

We are delighted to launch our newest Transplant Live course on Organ Donation, created by Carl-Ludwig Fischer-Froelich, Nichon Jansen, and David Paredes. This course will provide participants will an overview on the current criteria for donor detection, death certification and workflow authorisation concerning organ procurement. Additionally, participants will explore the management of the donor and

Sevda Hassan Study Scholarship

Sevda was the Chair of ESOT’s Young Professionals in Transplantation. She led the Board of the Committee with professionalism and energy and drove an innovative vision for the future of transplant professionals. We will always be grateful for her dedication and commitment to advancing our field, which she always carried with a light of positivity.

Survey on the approach to antibiotic prophylaxis in liver and kidney transplant recipients colonized with “difficult to treat” Gram-negative bacteria

Dear Colleagues, You are invited to participate in a survey about the approach to the screening for MDR carriage in liver and kidney transplant candidates, and to the management of peri-operative antibiotic prophylaxis in MDR carriers undergoing liver and /or kidney transplantation.   Colonization status is the main risk factor for developing MDR-GNB infection after SOT,