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Membership of the Association consists of those professionals, who are full fee paying members of ESOT and ELITA. A new membership of ELITA can be gained by holding a valid full fee paying membership from ESOT and by submission of a membership application sponsored by two regular members of the Association to the Committee, approval by the Committee and confirmation by the General Assembly. The fees are collected annually and established by the Committee after consideration of reports by the Secretary and the Treasurer. ELITA Membership shall be forfeited if the fees are not paid for two consecutive years.

The business and affairs of the European Liver and Intestinal Transplant Association are managed and controlled by a Board of Officers known as the Committee of ELITA. The Committee consists of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Custodian of the Registry, and six other members of the Committee who are elected by Association by a majority vote of the members during the General Assembly. The Board of the European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association The elected Board members of the Association consist of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Secretary, the Custodian of the Registry, the Treasurer and six other members. They are elected by the Association during the General Assembly. Re-election for one term is possible.

ELITA Board Members

Constantino Fondevila
ELITA Chair 2021-2023
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Giacomo Germani
ELITA Secretary 2021-2023
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Luca Belli
ELITA Treasurer 2018-2022
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Rene Adam
ELTR Custodian
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Ulrich Baumann
ELITA Board member 2019-2023
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Hermien Hartog
ELITA Board Member 2021-2025
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Silvio Nadalin
ELITA Board member 2019-2023
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Pavel Taimr
ELITA Board member 2019-2023
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Christian Toso
ELITA Board member 2018-2022
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Krzysztof Zieniewicz
ELITA Board member 2019-2023
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Wojciech Polak
ELITA Past Chair 2021-2022
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Rules governing ELITA

Accepted by the General Assembly 25.10.1993
Amended and approved by General Assembly 18.10.2005
Name change From ELTA to ELITA approved by General Assembly 18.10.2005

1. Article l Name and Seat

Under the name of European Liver Transplant Association (ELTA), an association was founded in 1993 in Rhodes, as an official section of the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT), which is currently legally constituted and incorporated under the law of the NETHERLANDS. On October 18th 2005 the name of the association ELTA was changed to “European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association”.

2. Article ll Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to promote amongst persons involved in the practice and organization of Liver and/or Intestine Transplantation the following:
i. research concerning liver and intestine transplantation both laboratory and service-based
ii. education of medically and nursing qualified trainees and specialists, biomedical and other scientists, as well as other personnel in the field of transplantation
iii. education and awareness in the public regarding liver and intestine transplantation
iv. advisory role to pan-European and national health bodies and authorities, as well as organ procurement agencies, concerning liver and intestine transplantation in all its aspects, including research funding
v. maintenance and scientific trusteeship of the European Liver Transplant Registry (ELTR)
vi. facilitation of randomized clinical trials
vii. attendance of trainees in transplantation at its meetings
viii. facilitation of scientific exchange between transplant centres and members of the association
ix. the official representative body, delegated by ESOT, for liver and intestine transplantation in Europe

3 Article lll Organisation

The functional bodies of the Association are:
i. The Business meeting of the members of ESOT of which ELITA members are constitutively a part of
ii. The Governing Board of ELITA made up of: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Custodian of the ELTR, and 6 Board Members

4 Article lV General Assembly

The General Assembly is held at the plenary meetings of ESOT (currently every 2 years). Any member may attend the General Assembly. The agenda will be set by the Governing Board. Members can add to the agenda following requests in writing to the Chair person or the Secretary up to one week in advance of the General Assembly.
A report by the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Custodian of the Registry will be given at the Assembly. Election of members and ratification of officer appointments take place at the Assembly.

5. Article V Representation on ESOT Council

One ELITA Board member will represent ELITA on the ESOT Council, with equal voting rights as the other members of the ESOT Council. Normally the member will be the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of ELITA or other nominated ELITA Board members who will have the proxy vote and be put forward by the ELITA Board.

6. Article Vl Annual and other meetings

i. The Association will hold a scientific meeting with ESOT every 2 years, with the organization of the meeting to follow the ESOT by-laws. The Governing Board and its ESOT Council member will be responsible for and ensure appropriate representation of liver and intestine related topics in the programme.
ii. The structure and content of the annual scientific ELITA meeting and other scientific and educational meetings, concerning liver and intestine transplantation will be defined by the ELITA Board. The Board will also organize meetings on behalf of, and in co-operation with ESOT.

7. Article Vll The Governing Board

i. The Governing Board shall organize itself. The Chairman or another Board member delegated by the Chair will chair the meetings of the Governing Board. The election of officers is by the Governing Board. Re-election is possible for one further term. Resignation should if possible be with 6 months notice, with shorter periods to be ratified by the Governing Board.
ii. The Chairperson is the Chief Executive of the Association. He/she is nominated by the Board, and the nomination ratified at the ESOT Business meeting for a period of 2 years initially, extendable to a maximum of 4 years. He/she is responsible for chairing Board meetings and other aspects of the Association as determined by the ELITA Board. He/she must conduct the affairs of the Association respecting the by-laws and the majority view of the Governing Board as well as the General Assembly. He/she must share information with all board members.
iii. The Vice-Chairman is nominated by the Board and replaces the Chairman in all functions and responsibilities if the Chair is not present, unless specific prior delegation has been given to other Board members. Length of office is for 2 years initially and extendable to 4 years as a maximum.
iv. The Secretary is nominated by the Board and serves for 4 years. He/she will draw up agendas and keep the minutes of all meetings of the Governing Board and the General Assembly, maintain the membership roster, organize the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Governing Board, issue written reports and other statements on behalf of ELITA using official printed correspondence. The duties will also include the registration of documents and the drawing up of contacts with other Societies and organisations, as directed by the Chairperson and Governing Board.
v. The Treasurer is nominated by the Board and serves for 4 years. Re election for a further term of 4 years is possible. He/she and is the signatory alone, or with other Board members, for the Association’s bank account, registered in the name of ESOT with a designated subsidiary account. He/she will supervise the collection of money both through ESOT and from other parties, including that from membership fees, and distribute money on behalf of the Association. He/she will maintain a log of expenditure and out-goings and prepare annual accounts and a balance sheet, and liase with the ESOT Treasurer. He /she will present accounts yearly or at any other time at the request of the Governing Board or of the ESOT Treasurer on behalf of ESOT.
vi. The Custodian of the European Liver Transplant Registry serves for 4 years with possible re-election for more than one term. He/she is responsible for data collection ,maintaining the data base and data protection. He/she will issue reports 6 monthly and issue this to all members of the Association. Other publications using ELTR data must have prior approval of the Governing Board. Fund raising for the ELTR.
vii. Non-officer Board members serve for 4 years in a staggered manner, so that a maximum of 3 new members can be elected at any one time to ensure continuity of functions. Re-election for a further term of 4 years is possible. If a situation arises in which more than 50% of the Board members are up for re-election the Governing Board can extend the term of one member for another 2 years. Duties will be delegated by the Chairperson and the Governing Board. Officers of the Association are nominated from the non-officer members.
viii. A majority of members of the Governing Board (six) constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
ix. Any action required or permitted at any meeting of the Governing Board may be taken without a meeting providing the majority of members, having all been alerted to the issues in writing or by e-mail, communicate in writing or by e-mail their agreement to the proposed action(s) under consideration.
x. Notice of meetings of the Governing Board shall be communicated in writing or by e-mail at least 14 days before the proposed date.
xi. The Chairperson or any 3 members may convene special meetings at such times and such manner and locations as the Chairperson or members consider necessary or desirable.
xii. There will be at least one annual meeting separate from the General Assembly convened by the Chairperson.
xiii. Upon resignation or death of a Board member, the Chairperson will appoint a successor to serve until the next general Assembly.
xiv. Only active members of good standing are eligible for election to the Governing Board. Candidates for election require nomination by two members of ELITA (who can be Governing Board members), with written notification to the Secretary at least 4 weeks prior to the General Assembly. Governing Board members will be elected by those receiving the most votes of the members present and voting at the General Assembly.

8 Article Vlll Membership

Members who were on the members’ roll of ELITA at the conclusion of its first meeting on 27th October 1993 are designated Founding Members. All members thereafter must go through the election process. Membership of the Association is open to anyone in Europe in accordance to the regulations and by-laws of ESOT. Members must hold a valid ESOT membership and submit a membership application sponsored by 2 regular members of ELITA, be approved by the Governing Board and ratified by the General Assembly. A membership fee, determined by the Governing Board, will be due annually separate from the ESOT membership fee, to be placed into the ELITA
account, managed by the Treasurer of ELITA. Written resignation, addressed to the Governing Board, death, or default of payment for 2 consecutive years, or termination of membership of ESOT for any reason shall cause the membership of ELITA to be withdrawn.

9. Article lX The ELTR

The Board has the custodianship and is the scientific governing board of the European Liver Transplant Registry (ELTR). The Board regulates use of the data from the ELTR. The Board appoints the Custodian of the ELTR who is ex officio a member of the ELITA Board. The Custodian has day to day operational control and supervises the associated staff. The Custodian will report yearly and at other times as determined by the Board. The financial responsibility of the ELTR is that of ELITA and consequently that of ESOT.

10. Article X Finances

ELITA is a non profit organization. Its income is derived from the membership fees, funds, donations, and various activities related to is objectives including educational grants from the bio-medical industry. The Association has no commercial purpose, has no remuneration for its officers or members, and does not intend to make a
profit. It will seek independently both funding and sponsorship for its various activities consonant with the objectives outlined in article 2.

11. Article Xl Journal

The official Journal of the Association is Transplant International, which is the Journal of ESOT.

12. Article Xll Change of articles

The common activities of the Association are undertaken with this approved set of working rules and regulations. These can be changed by a two-thirds majority in a vote by ELITA Members, which must include at least two thirds of the membership. Postal ballots or other means of balloting are at the discretion of the governing Board.

13 Article Xlll Sundries

These articles were adopted by the ELTA Governing Board meeting on September 8, 2004. These were then voted unanimously in favour at the ELITA General Assembly in Geneva on October 18, 2005. The responsibilities of the Treasurer were modified to comply with the rules of incorporation of ESOT as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands in 2011.