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ELTR – A Register for all Liver Transplantations performed in Europe

The European Liver Transplant Registry (ELTR) is the official database of ELITA. The idea for an ELTR was brought up at the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) meeting in Munich, in 1985. A group of liver transplant professionals, including representatives from the pioneering liver transplant centres in Europe, decided to create the ELTR with the following objectives :

– To register all liver transplantations performed in Europe
– To provide a link between European liver transplant centres
– To stimulate scientific research and publications based on the European experience.

Paul Brousse Hospital (Villejuif, France) was designated to manage and analyse the data of ELTR since its creation. Two years after it was founded, ELTR collected information on all liver transplant recipients performed in 32 European centres, which led to a landmark paper in the Lancet (Lancet 1987; 2 : 674).

Currently, the ELTR is one of the oldest European-wide medical registries. ELTR includes data from 170,000 liver transplants performed on 153,000 patients from 171 centres in 32 countries. The questionnaire contains data on the indication for transplantation, donor characteristics, technical aspects of liver transplantation, cause of death or graft failure and initial and maintenance immunosuppression. The ELTR gives for more than 35 years, critical information on the outcome and the evolution of liver transplantation in Europe. While the data were initially obtained with a centre-driven approach, for several years a large part of them (>75%) are shared with Organ Sharing Organizations (*) and the remainder are directly retrieved from the liver transplant centres through an electronic data capture system.

– United Kingdom Blood and Transplant Authority (NHSBT)
– Spanish “Organizaciòn Nacional de Transplantes” (ONT)
– French “Agence de la Biomédecine” (ABM)
– Deutch “Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting” (NTS)
– Eurotransplant Foundation (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands,     and Slovenia)
– Scanditransplant (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden)