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The European Transplant Allied Healthcare Professionals (ETAHP) committee is the ESOT committee representing European nurses and allied healthcare professionals (AHPs) who wish to promote evidence-based transplant care in order to improve health and well-being of organ transplant candidates and recipients.

The mission of ETAHP is to connect nurses and AHPs in the field of organ transplantation in order to optimize Transplant Care Management.

Transplant Care Management focuses on all aspects that organ transplant candidates and recipients, as well as their significant others, have to face throughout the transplant process. By providing integrated person-centred care, nurses and AHPs are ideally suited for optimising Transplant Care Management and to guide organ transplant candidates and recipients through the process of recovery and adaptation. Transplant Care Management covers a range of aspects such as physical activity, nutritional status, emotional and social well-being, substance abuse, as well as aspects of self-management such as health promotion, symptom management and adherence to lifestyle adjustments.

Sharing experiences and increasing knowledge of these aspects will support nurses and AHPs in providing excellent care to organ transplant candidates and recipients.


ETAHP wishes to advance transplantation care management. Primary goals are:

  • Addressing main concerns of organ transplant candidates and recipients through person-centered care
  • Increasing awareness for lifestyle challenges and health promotion
  • Increasing consensus in transplant management pre- and post-transplant care
  • Promote the interprofessional collaboration between transplant team members by creating awareness of each other’s expertise


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Transplant nursing in Europe

  • Transplant nurses in Europe strongly stands on the foundation of equality of care. Equality for every person, regardless of race, economic status, gender, age, creed, or sexual orientation is the core of who we are. Transplant nurses in Europe are committed to scholarship and evidence through research in promoting health after organ donation and solid organ transplantation. We believe that the art and science of transplant nursing is health promotion by supporting acceptance and adaptation as a process towards health. We argue that transplantation is a chronic condition, involving a transition from a life-threatening disease to experiencing health, which is facilitated when uncertainty is relieved and self-efficacy is strengthened.
  • Organ donation and transplantation saves lives and gives hope. The work that we do impacts persons that become organ recipients, their families, friends and significant others as well as us, the nurses who are committed to providing the very best care possible in relation to donation and transplantation of organs and tissue. We are committed to diversity and inclusion. We will continue to enhance and strategise ways to diversify our leadership, and the transplant nursing profession.

Specific statements

  • Transplant nursing is delivered within a caring relationship with the transplant recipient or the live donor including his or her family.
  • The transplant recipient should be an equal partner in the health care team. The patient’s consent to care planning gives the professionals’ authority to care.
  • Person-centred care and self-management support are essential parts of transplant care.
  • Easily accessible tools for information, digital communication and creating health care plans, are target areas for intervention from transplant nurses.
  • Rapid dissemination of research findings regarding health-related quality of life, self-management, adaptation and everyday life issues is a key mission in transplant nursing.

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