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Leading the way in transplantation

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Through a multidisciplinary approach, the congress will feature the latest research and innovation from most prominent scientists and physicians in the field of organ transplantation.

Guaranteed to motivate and inspire, this landmark meeting will provide a unique opportunity to connect science and medicine.

ESOT Congress 2025 in London

Nurturing a sustainable transplantation journey

Our core congress theme, ‘Nurturing a sustainable transplantation journey’ reflects our commitment to considerate practices and long-term sustainability in both transplantation methods and associated environmental impacts. We will delve into this concept throughout the congress, acknowledging the intersection of environmental stewardship and the advancement of transplant care. With the guidance of an international lineup of experts, we will examine the impact of global warming on each step of organ transplantation and explore innovative strategies to make the whole journey for transplant patients more efficient and environmentally responsible.


ESOT Congress 2023 in Athens

To all our #ESOTcongress participants, both in Athens and online, you’ve made this experience unforgettable. Your energy, passion, and shared commitment have lit up our event like a constellation of stars.

Together, we created a masterpiece.
Let’s carry this spirit of collaboration and inspiration into the future.

Thank you!

ESOT Congress 2023 website

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ESOT Congress 2021 in Milan & online

The ESOT Congress serves as a premier platform for researchers from across the globe to present their organ transplantation research.

The scientific programme has been developed based on five key domains that encompass the most relevant topics in organ transplantation.

#ESOTcongress brought together over 1,200 delegates onsite and over 1,475 attendees online. These numbers are proof of the commitment of our community to foster research, science, education and networking despite the most uncertain conditions; this was a strong sign of how our community was able to build and show resilience.

So again, we would like to reiterate our most sincere gratitude for showing this commitment to ESOT.

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