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ESOT is embarking on the “Take 2” campaign, an impactful awareness and informative social media campaign aimed at providing crucial insights into the life of people who received a transplant.

The campaign is dedicated to shedding light on the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals who have received a transplant.

On the one side, the campaign will consist of educational posts with authoritative information on the transplanted patients’ condition. On the other side, it will tell the story of the new lives of people who received a transplant. Their experience will highlight all the new opportunities open to them, celebrating the “Take 2” of their lives and the difficulties they encounter.

The campaign seeks to empower patients by offering them valuable and reliable information and resources that can enhance their pre and post-transplant journey and raise public attention to the challenges of the transplantation journey.

The campaign’s ultimate goal is to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of people who received a transplant.

ESOT fosters a supportive environment by raising awareness and promoting understanding, enabling confidence and empowerment. Through this awareness campaign, ESOT is taking a significant step towards creating a more informed and engaged community. By equipping people who have received a transplant with knowledge and support, ESOT aims to promote patient-centred care, meaningful dialogue between the healthcare professionals community and the transplanted community, and to contribute to the overall advancement of transplantation medicine.

For more details about the upcoming activities related to this project, we invite you to bookmark this page and check for regular updates.

The project is coordinated by

Giovanna Rossi
Senior Project Manager
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