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Mission Statement

Promote knowledge, patient care and research in kidney transplantation in order to make it accessible to all patients in need and to maximize renal graft and patient survival.

EKITA’s activities include:

1. Promoting research in the field of kidney transplantation among transplant professionals and also other scientists on the European and international level

2. Providing a forum for those working in the field of kidney transplantation to exchange scientific information and professional training. (e.g. organ sharing and distribution, co-operative research projects, especially of clinical nature etc.)

3. Participating in the writing of guidelines and recommendations.

4. Organising educational activities such as stand-alone meetings as well as educational activities as part of congresses on the European level.

5. Serving as advisors to national and European government agencies and to organ exchange organizations as the official representative body of kidney transplantation in Europe.

Goals for the future:

Stimulate and foster new developments in the area of kidney transplantation in Europe such as international paired kidney exchange, new immunosuppressive strategies and others. Organise and facilitate educational activities such as state of the art symposia during the ESOT and other congresses and also stand-alone meetings Collaborate with and create synergies with other scientific organizations in the field of kidney transplantation (e.g. ERA-EDTA Descartes Group, Banff working groups etc.)

Increased EKITA visibility Promotion of European Board Certification in Transplant Medicine, Surgery, Immunology and Coordination. Increase awareness in the general public of kidney transplantation as the currently best available therapy for patients with end-stage kidney disease Promote renal transplantation in less developed areas according to the European standards.


EKITA Board Members

Emin Baris Akin


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Lorna Marson
EKITA Vice-Chair


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Sanem Cinem
EKITA Board Member 2023-2027
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David Cucchiari
EKITA Board Member 2021-2025
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Andreas Kousios
EKITA Board Member 2023-2027
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Carmen Lefaucheur
EKITA Board Member 2023-2027
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Fernanda Ortiz
EKITA Board Member


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Elvana Rista
EKITA Board Member 2023-2027
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Rachel Thomas
EKITA Board Member 2023-2027
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Gianluigi Zaza
EKITA Board Member 2021-2025
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Lucrezia Furian
EKITA Past-Chair


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Founding Members

Klemens Budde – Berlin, Germany
Josep M. Campistol – Barcelona, Spain
Franco Citterio – Rome, Italy
Fritz Diekmann – Barcelona, Spain
Bengt Fellström – Uppsala, Sweden
Hans de Fijter – Leiden, Netherlands
Hallvard Holdaas – Oslo, Norway
Alan Jardine – Glasgow, UK
Robert Langer – Budapest, Hungary
Christophe Legendre – Paris, France
Nizam Mamode – London, UK
Rainer Oberbauer – Vienna, Austria

Chairs of EKITA*

1.       Alan Jardine (Glasgow, UK) 2011-2013
2.       Josep M. Campistol (Barcelona, Spain) 2011-2013 (Co-Chair)
3.       Rainer Oberbauer (Vienna, Austria) 2013-2017
4.       Robert Langer (Budapest, Hungary and Linz, Austria) 2017-2021
5.       Lucrezia Furian (Padua, Italy) 2021-2023

*between 2011 and 2013 ESOT Kidney Committee

Past Board Members:

Josep Campistol – Barcelona Spain 2011-2015
Alan Jardine – Glasgow UK 2011-2015
Franco Citterio – Rome Italy 2011-2015
Johan de Fijter – Leiden Netherlands 2011-2017
Klemens Budde – Berlin Germany 2011-2017
Christophe Legendre – Paris France 2011-2017
Lionel Rostaing – Grenoble France 2013-2017
Rainer Oberbauer – Vienna Austria 2011 – 2019
Nizam Mamode – London UK 2011 – 2019
Bengt Fellstrom – Uppsala Sweden 2011 – 2019
Hallvard Holdaas – Oslo Norway 2011 – 2019
Peter Friend – Oxford UK 2015 – 2019
Nicos Kessaris – London UK 2017 – 2019
Maria Irene Bellini – Rome Italy 2017-2021
Fritz Diekmann – Barcelona Spain 2017-2021
Diederik Kimenai – Rotterdam Netherlands 2017-2021
Karine Hadaya – Geneva Switzerland 2017-2021