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The Basic Science Committee promotes scientific issues and transplantation research within ESOT. An active basic science community and an efficient translation of innovation into the clinic are crucial for the future of transplantation medicine.

The Basic Science Committee was founded in 2003 to promote science and research within ESOT.

Core activities include dedicated basic science meetings, symposia and courses at the biannual ESOT congress and a basic science grant programme.

Objectives of the ESOT Basic Science Committee

The Basic Science Committee promotes:

  • Basic science in transplantation in Europe
  • Translation of innovation into clinical activity
  • Communication between basic scientists and clinicians
  • Collaboration between laboratories in Europe

Privileged to work with my co-chair John Boletis and such a fantastic team to prepare the Athens ESOT congress @devisomey @JKlimek_ @Paulo_MartinsMD @AnnaAustrie @mnaesens @Olivier_Thaunat @frank_dor @ekaterine1973 @dr_JelaS @UMaggiore @DrDEMartin @ESOTtransplant #ESOTcongress

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