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ESOT is strongly committed to increasing efforts towards the transparent and rigorous production of guidance documents in the field of Solid Organ Transplantation.

To support these efforts, ESOT has implemented a new task force dedicated to this endeavour. As such, the group will:

  • Select cutting-edge topics
  • Apply a sound, independent, and rigorous methodology
  • Ensure a global perspective
  • Apply a strict meritocratic process to select members of the guidelines’ drafting groups
  • Strictly monitor conflicts of interest of panel members

ESOT manual for clinical practice guidelines and other guidance documents
The European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) actively engages in the publication of high-quality, evidence-based guidance documents to support best practice in solid organ transplantation.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are statements that include recommendations intended to optimise patient care, lead to better clinical outcomes, and improve cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, they provide the opportunity to identify areas requiring further research and serve an educational scope. CPGs are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits of alternative care options. 

This handbook formalises the processes associated with the preparation of ESOT CPGs, including the selection of topics for new guidelines, writing and reviewing approval, dissemination, and updating. Moreover, it defines the governance of the process.

Task force

Umberto Cillo
ESOT Secretary


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Ina Jochmans
Councillor 2019-2023
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Liset Pengel
Education Committee Vice-Chair 2021-2024
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Nuria Montserrat
Transplant International Deputy Editor-in-Chief
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Nazia Selzner
Transplant International Executive Editors
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The ESOT Guidelines Task Force is coordinated by

Devi Mey
Chief Executive Officer
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Daniele Roppolo
Scientific Advisor
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