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ESOT is strongly committed to increase efforts towards the transparent and rigorous production of guidance documents in the field of Solid Organ Transplantation.

To support these efforts, ESOT has implemented a new task force dedicated to this endeavour. As such, the group will:

  • Select cutting edge topics
  • Apply a sound, independent, and rigorous methodology
  • Ensure a global perspective
  • Apply a strict meritocratic process to select members of the guidelines’ drafting groups
  • Strictly monitor of conflicts of interest of panel members


Umberto Cillo
ESOT Secretary


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Ina Jochmans
Councillor 2019-2023
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Liset Pengel
Education Committee Vice-Chair, CET Director 2021-2024
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Nuria Montserrat
Transplant International Deputy Editor-in-Chief
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Nazia Selzner
Transplant International Executive Editors
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The ESOT Guidelines Task Force is coordinated by

Devi Mey
Chief Executive Officer
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Daniele Roppolo
Scientific Advisor - Registries
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Justyna Klimek
Scientific Programme Manager
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