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A recent ESOT research initiative, in collaboration with CSL Behring, has analysed the landscape of Antibody-Mediated Rejection (ABMR) in adult organ transplant recipients.

ABMR is the leading cause of immune-related allograft failure following kidney transplantation. Chronic active ABMR (CABMR) typically occurs after one-year post-transplant and is the most common cause of late allograft failure.

Led by Professor Lionel P. E. Rostaing, the project was designed to assess common practices in Europe for post-transplant surveillance 1 year after kidney transplant, as well as the diagnosis and management of CABMR. A 15-minute online survey with 58 multiple choice or open-ended questions was completed by EU transplant nephrologists, transplant surgeons and nephrologists. Survey topics included patient caseloads, post-transplant routine screening and treatment of CABMR.

The survey results indicated that observing clinical measures of graft function form the cornerstone of post-transplant surveillance. This may be suboptimal, leading to late diagnoses and untreatable disease. Indeed, less than half of patients who develop CABMR receive treatment beyond the optimisation of immune suppression. This is attributable to not only late diagnoses but also a lack of proven efficacious therapies. The findings will be used to inform consensus documents and educational workshops.

Read the full article in Transplant International.

View the standard of care infographic on monitoring and managing CABMR in kidney transplant recipients.

A second project has also been undertaken to analyse the use of HLA desensitisation in the management of renal transplant recipients in Europe. This research was designed to assess current practices around desensitization in Europe, from understanding how pre-sensitized patients are identified to current approaches to desensitisation pre-transplant and post-transplant.

Professor Lionel P. E. Rostaing presented the results of this study at the ESOT Congress 2023.

Watch the presentation.


Stay tuned for more updates regarding these exciting research projects.

ESOT and CSL Behring are most grateful for the inputs received.

The research projects are led by

Lionel Rostaing
Prof. Head of Department of Nephrology Hemodialysis Apheresis and Transplantation CHU Grenoble-Alpes
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