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The Young Professionals in Transplantation (YPT) is the Network for Junior Transplant professionals of ESOT, representing all young transplant clinicians and scientists who are beginning a career in transplantation and organ donation.


A bridge between senior and junior professionals


YPT was formed in 2011 by the Past ESOT President Carla Baan, in order to make ESOT younger and help junior professionals on their path to successful careers in transplantation. In close collaboration with the Education Committee of ESOT, YPT is currently constructing a comprehensive database of educational content, including resources, grants, scholarships, courses, and training opportunities. It also serves as a bridge between senior clinicians and researchers and junior professionals to provide advice and mentoring for a successful career in transplantation. In order to establish an international collaboration between young clinicians and researchers we are creating a network of qualified transplant centres to promote clinical and scientific exchange programs throughout Europe.

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