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Regulations of the European Cell Therapy and Organ Regeneration Section

1. Introduction

ECTORS (the European Cell Therapy and Organ Regeneration Section) was established in August 2018 as a dedicated section of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) for transplant professionals working on and interested in cellular therapies and organ reconditioning.

2. Purpose

The purpose of ECTORS is to provide a forum to discuss, educate and stimulate novel developments in the field of cell therapy in organ transplantation and organ regeneration.

3. Membership

ECTORS members are ESOT members who specify their affiliation with ECTORS.

ECTORS members have the rights and benefits associated with their ESOT membership.

4. Board

Section 4.1: The board shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair and up to five other members. The Chair holds membership in the Council of ESOT. Board members serve without compensation.

Section 4.2: The Chair is elected by the Board for a 2-year mandate, which can be renewed for two more years with the support of a simple majority of Board members.
The Vice-Chair is elected by the Board with a simple majority vote for a 2-year mandate, at the end of which he/she automatically becomes Chair. If the incumbent Chair renewes his/her term, the mandate of the Vice-Chair is extended accordingly by two additional years.

Section 4.3: Only active members of ESOT in good standing shall be eligible as Board members. Board members are elected by simple majority of the members of the ECTORS Board with a secret ballot.

Section 4.4: Board members shall be elected for four years. In order to ensure continuity, the Chair position shall be passed on to the Vice-Chair and no more than half of the Committee shall be renewed at any given time.

Section 4.5: Vacant positions in the board will be advertised on the ESOT website and other online channels. Board membership applications are submitted to the ESOT Office, where eligibility of all candidates is checked before applications are forwarded to the Chair and shared with the Board.

Section 4.6: Board meetings shall be convened by the Chair. ESOT supports up to two face-to-face Section Board meetings per year. Additional teleconference meetings are organised through the ESOT Office when necessary.

5. Secretarial Support

Secretarial support for the administration of ECTORS and the coordination of Section activities is provided by the ESOT Office.

6. Activities

Section 6.1: ECTORS shall organize a scientific symposium once every two years.
Section 6.2: ECTORS, via its Chair, shall ensure appropriate representation of ECTORS related topics in the program of the ESOT Congress.

Section 6.3: Other activities shall include support or active participation in:
– Training programs and workshops
– Interaction with other scientific societies or working groups with common scientific interests

Transitional Provisions

The members of the founding Board in 2018 are appointed for a 3-year mandate expiring at the ESOT2021 Congress. At the end of the 3-year term all mandates of founding members can be extended by two additional years.