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In the past few years, the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) has been working with transplant patient organisations throughout Europe to foster cooperation between healthcare professionals and patients and to broaden patient participation in its own activities.

During the ESOT 2019 congress, ESOT hosted a meeting of 19 transplant patient organisations from 13 European countries. The meeting served as a space to exchange experiences, identify unmet needs, and develop a plan for future initiatives. Inspired by that meeting, and under the guidance of EDTCO, ELPAT and ETAHP, we launched several initiatives aimed at listening to the needs of the patient community and building a platform of mutual understanding.


Patients and healthcare professionals at TLJ 2.0

TLJ 2.0 featured a full stream of mutual understanding and learning devoted to healthcare professionals and patients. In April 2020, ESOT launched a survey for transplant patients with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of their experience and concerns. The programme of the learning workstream was developed on the basis of the findings from this survey; TLJ 2.0 speakers included transplant professionals as well as representatives of patient organisations, in line with ESOT’s commitment to patient inclusion.

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COVID-19: Coping with Uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its impact on the capacity of healthcare systems to adequately care for and support the communities they serve, intensified the feeling of uncertainty that often characterises the life of transplant patients. The webinar “Coping with Uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic”, developed in collaboration with several transplant patient organisations, was held on April 27, 2020 and was an opportunity for healthcare professionals and patient representatives to exchange their concerns, expectations and suggestions.

COVID-19 Webinar - Coping with uncertainty during COVID-19 Pandemic

View the webinar recording to hear about the main concerns of transplant patients and transplant professionals and to learn about strategies to better cope with the uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Coping with Uncertainty During the COVID-19 Pandemic Report

View the report to get an overview of the main topics discussed during the webinar.

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Q&A Session I

Listen to moderators Anna Forsberg and Peter Carstedt address some of the recurring concerns raised by participants.
Main topics:
  • Communication between patients and medical professionals during the pandemic
  • Patient self-empowerment
  • Reconnecting after the lockdown
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Q&A Session II

Listen to panelists Giuseppe Feltrin and Marjo Lehtonen address some of the recurring concerns raised by participants.
Main topics:
  • Organ donation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Donor screening
  • Donation after recovery from COVID-19
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