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ELITA events

Monothematic Conference on ACLF, Alcohol and Liver Transplantation - Consensus Meeting on Liver Discard and Viability Assessment - Celebration of ELITA's 30th Anniversary

Application deadline: 1 May 2024

The Hackathon Challenge: Empowering Transplant Patients

Further past events

An overview of recent meetings which were organised by ELITA or in which ELITA has participated


8th ELITA ELTR Meeting in collaboration with LICAGE
18th -19th September 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

ILTS-2014 Joint International Congress of ILTS, ELITA & LICAGE
4th – 7th June 2014
London, UK



16th ESOT Congress
8th – 11th September 2013
Vienna, Austria

6th International Conference on Organ Donation after Circulatory Death
7th – 9th February 2013
Paris, France

25th – 26th January 2013
Dubai, United Arab Emirates5th Pan Arab Liver Transplant Society Congress
17th – 18th January 2013
Doha, Qatar


13th – 15th September 2012
Ghent, Belgium

ELITA Intestinal Symposium at the TTS Congress 2012
16th July 2012
Berlin, Germany

6th International Conference Living Donor Abdominal Organ Transplantation: State of the Art
5th – 6th October 2012
Puglia, Italy

XXII Congreso de la Asociacion Latinoamericana para el Estudio del Higado
5th – 7th September 2012
Lima, Peru

I International Workshop on Uncontrolled DCD Donors
21st – 22nd June 2012
Barcelona, Spain

ILTS 18th Annual International Congress
16th – 19th May 2012
San francisco, United States


7th ELITA-ELTR Winter Meeting
10th – 12th February 2011
Igls, Austria

Asian Pacific HPBA 3rd Biennial Congress
27th – 30th September 2011
Melbourne, Australia

The 12th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation (CAST 2011)
25th – 28th September 2011
Seoul, Korea

4th Southern African Transplantation Congress 2011
30th September – 1st October 2011
London, United Kingdom

24th Southern African Transplantation Congress 2011
22nd – 25th September 2011
Cape Town

Biliary atresia and liver transplantation: Symposium on the occasion of the PhD thesis defense of Willemien de Vries
14th September 2011
Groningen, The Netherlands

ILCA 2011 International Liver Cancer Association Fifth Annual Conference
2nd – 4th September 2011
Hong Kong

IPTA 6th Congress on Paediatric Transplantation
25th – 28th June 2011
Montreal, Canada

The 2011 Joint International Congress of ILTS, ELITA & LICAGE
22nd – 25th June 2011
Valencia, Spain

EFRETOS Symposium
17th May 2011
Brussels, Belgium

EASL The International Liver Congress 2011
30th March – 3rd April 2011
Berlin, Germany


Joint 6th ELITA-ELTR Annual Meeting 5th International Meeting on Transplantation from Non-Heart Beating Donors
13th – 15th May 2010
London, United Kingdom

European Organ Donation Congress, 22nd ETCO
24th – 26th September 2010
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Living Donor Abdominal Organ Transplantation: State of the Art
25th – 26th June 2010
Florence, Italy

9th International Conference on New Trends in Immunosuppression and Immunitherapy
4th – 6th February 2010
Geneva, Switzerland

Medical Symposium 2010 – Physical Activities, Transplantations and Dialysis
17th January 2010
Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise (Savoie), France


5th ELITA-ELTR Winter Meeting
19th – 21st March 2009
Åre, Sweden

25 Years of Liver Transplantation at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc
26th – 27th November 2009
Saint-Luc, Brussels

Controversial Topics in Liver Transplantation – 25 Years with Liver Transplantation in Norway
24th September 2009
Oslo, Norway

3rd International Conference on Coagulopathy in Liver Disease
18th – 19th September 2009
Groningen, The Netherlands

International Small Bowel Transplantation Meeting
9th – 12th September 2009
Bologna, Italy

14th ESOT Congress
30th August – 2nd September 2009
Paris, France

17th – 19th June 2009
Vienna, Austria

3rd Groningen HPB Day and Farewill Symposium Prof. Dr. Maarten J.H. Slooff
6th March 2009
Groningen, The Netherlands


4th ELITA-ELTR Winter Meeting
3rd – 5th April 2008
Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

ILCA 2nd Annual Conference
5th – 7th September 2008
Chicago, USA

Joint International Congress of ILTS, ELITA and LICAGE
9th – 12th July 2008
Paris, France

4th Living Donor Organ Transplant Conference
20th – 21st June 2008
Sorrento, Italy

The 4th European Donor Surgery Masterclass and the 2nd Basic Course on the Split Liver
21st – 23rd May 2008
Leiden, The Netherlands

4th International Meeting on Transplantation from Non-Heart Beating Donors
15th – 16th May 2008
London, United Kingdom

ELITA Symposium at the Annual Meeting of EASL
23rd – 27th April 2008
Milan, Italy


3rd ELITA-ELTA Winter Meeting
24th – 26th March 2007
Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria

The AISF-ELITA Pre-Meeting Course
10th – 12th October 2007
Bergamo, Italy

13th ESOT Congress
1st – 3rd October 2007
Prague, Czech Republic


2nd ELITA-ELTR Winter Meeting
25th – 27th March 2006
Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria



1st ELTA-ELTR Winter Meeting
16th – 20th April 2005
Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria