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HLTP Course – 6th Hepatologist in a Liver Transplant Program Course

Primary Topics:
Liver tranplantation
Start Date:
Thursday, October 24th 2024
End Date:
Friday, October 25th 2024
Padua, Italy
Description & Objectives:


Liver transplantation is accepted as the sole therapy for acute and chronic liver failure from different etiologies and some forms of liver cancer, with excellent results and survival rates comparable to those of the general population of the same age. The increasing success of liver transplantation is due to the constant progress in the fields of pharmacology (introduction of new immunosuppressive drugs and storage grafts solutions), hepatology, and liver surgery, where early diagnosis and the proper management of post-transplant complications are key to achieving satisfactory long-term results. The improvement of knowledge in this area requires continuing education as well as thorough medical, cultural, and ethical preparation by all professionals engaged in liver transplantation.

The main objective of the course is to expand the knowledge related to liver transplantation and to update hepatology trainees and young specialists on the main issues and multidisciplinary approaches, thus fostering interest in the field, increasing the ability to refer potential liver candidates adequately, and advancing clinical skills. The course is organized as a two-day meeting. The program includes a mix of lectures, case discussions and interactive presentations.


Target Group:

The course primarily addresses specialists or residents in gastroenterology, internal medicine, infectious diseases, and surgery.

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