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ESOT undertakes EU-funded projects to enhance outcomes for patients with terminal organ disease through transplantation, regeneration, and substitution. Collaborating with governing authorities and partners, these projects aim to raise awareness and develop policies for equitable access and improve patient well-being.

Involve ESOT In Your Project

Harnessing its extensive community and experts, ESOT collaborates with governments and healthcare providers to develop and implement evidence-based policies, empowering individuals to make informed choices. By building strong partnerships, ESOT amplifies the call for prioritising organ transplantation among policymakers and serves as a powerful dissemination channel for your projects, offering support at various levels, including EU-funded initiatives.

ESOT offers powerful engagement opportunities to amplify your projects:

  • Scientific Dissemination: Present your research at the prestigious ESOT Congress
  • Educational Activities: Deliver impactful webinars, courses, and e-learning sessions for transplant specialists
  • News Dissemination: Reach the ESOT network through newsletters, social media, website content, videos, and more
  • Policy Development: Contribute to clinical practice guidelines, statements, and technical standards
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Participate in consultations and build valuable collaborations
  • Advocacy Events: Lead awareness campaigns and policy advocacy events targeting EU policymakers

Partner with ESOT to ensure your work has the greatest possible impact!



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