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ESOT embark on a number of EU funded projects that reflect the society’s mission to improve outcomes for patients with terminal organ disease by means of transplantation, regeneration and substitution.  By working with competent authorities and partners, these projects look to enhance public, healthcare professional, political and institutional awareness of transplantation, as well as develop and promote policies that improve equitable access and patient outcomes across the field.


ESOT Rules of Engagement

Through the ESOT extensive community and experts, governments and healthcare providers, ESOT aims at developing and implementing evidence-based policies to allow individuals to make informed choices. Collaborations and partnerships are key to build a stronger voice to ensure that organ transplantation is seen as a top priority by policy makers. As such, ESOT may serve as the dissemination channel of your projects and may support your organisation at various levels, including EU-Funded projects.

Level of engagement

ESOT may engage for scientific dissemination at ESOT Congress; educational activities (e.g. webinars, courses, e-learning platform) targeting transplant specialists; news dissemination to ESOT network via our newsletter and other communications tools (e.g. social media, website development, video, corporate identity development, dissemination via regional/national societies); development of clinical practice guidelines, statements or technical standards; stakeholder engagement and consultation; organisation of awareness raising or advocacy/policy events targeting policy makers at EU-level.

If you would like to involve ESOT in your project, please complete the dedicated form and return it to: devi.mey@esot.org



ESOT already collaborate on a number of EU-funded projects that look at unmet medical and societal needs in the field of solid organ transplantation:

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