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The EuropeaN Guidelines for the mAnagement of Graft rEcipients (ENGAGE) Consensus Project aims at capturing a global view on the current management of sensitised kidney recipients and would like to establish a consensus on how desensitisation and immunomodulation strategies should be combined according to patients’ pre-transplantation humoral risk profiles.

ENGAGE II sought to review and discuss the ENGAGE proposals based on a wide range of clinical experiences, protocols followed in European transplantation centres, and the evidence base. The statements are being presented to an expanded group of experts for further discussion and voting, according to the principles of a Delphi model.

ENGAGE II Working Group will be present at ESOT TLJ 3.0 for an Educational Session to present the statements on the current management of sensitized kidney recipients.


The Educational session on “Immunomodulation and desensitization in kidney transplantation” is going to take place at ESOT TLJ 3.0 on Sunday, November 13, 2022 (Prague, Czech Republic).


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Scientific Committee


Lucrezia Furian
EKITA Chair 2021-2023
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Olivier Thaunat
ESOT Treasurer


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Nizam Mamode
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Oriol Bestard
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Maarten Naesens
EKITA Board Member 2019-2023
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Liset Pengel
Education Committee Vice-Chair 2021-2024
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Klemens Budde
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Fabio Vistoli
EPITA Board member 2020-2023
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Emanuele Cozzi
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Soeren Schwartz
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Fritz Diekmann
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