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Education Committee Vice-Chair 2021-2024

Liset received her PhD from the faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney (Australia) in 2003. She has worked at the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET) since 2005, when it was founded by Sir Peter Morris. She has conducted and co-authored systematic reviews and is actively involved in the CET Network, which is a network of transplant centres who have an interest in conducting high quality systematic reviews.

Liset has developed the Transplant Library from inception to be the definitive resource of high-quality evidence on all aspects of solid organ transplantation. The Library has been formally endorsed by leading transplantation societies around the world. The Transplant Evidence app (released in 2021) makes some of the content easily accessible.

Liset is also an ESOT councillor, vice-chair of ESOT’s Education Committee and course lead of ESOT’s ACADEMIA course. As part of ESOT’s partnership with CET she provides expert advice to ESOT members regarding systematic reviews, trial design and the development of guidelines and consensus statements.