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EKITA Chair 2021-2023

Lucrezia Furian is Associate Professor of Surgery at the Department of Surgical Oncological and Gastroenterological Sciences , University of Padua, Italy. She received part of her training in USA as Research Fellow and Clinical Transplantation Fellow at the University of Texas at Houston. Dr. Furian has performed basic research in tolerance induction and signal transduction pathways, with particular interest on IL-2 receptor signaling inhibition by antisense technology, new immunosuppressive drugs (Jak3 inhibitors), and murine models of humoral and cellular rejection in Stat4,5 a/b, 6 knock out. Her clinical and experimental research activities include xenotransplantation, organ preservation, pancreas transplantation, extended criteria donors and kidney paired donation. Prof.Furian’s clinical and surgical activity is particularly focused on kidney and pancreas transplantation and laparoscopic and robotic nephrectomy of living donors