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ESOT Hackathon 2021

Start Date:
Tuesday, June 22nd 2021
End Date:
Saturday, October 09th 2021
The first edition of the ESOT Hackathon will take place online, through an open innovation program spanning over a period of 4 months from June to October 2021
Description & Objectives:

Empowering Transplant Patients

ESOT is delighted to launch the first edition of the ESOT Hackathon to identify and develop tools to serve the transplant patient community.

Whether it is an idea, a scenario, a prototype, an app, an interface, a proof of concept or a turnkey solution, we are looking for innovative approaches to improve the well-being and quality of life for transplant patients.

 Project submissions, further development and jury will happen through online means. The key dates of our open innovation event can be found in the Programme Tab. 

Target Group:

Who should Participate?

Our challenge is open to any individual or team that wishes to work together to design, develop and build digital solutions help transplant patients in Europe and beyond. We want to bring together a diverse group of people to collaborate and have fun whilst helping our patient community.

If you are a: computer programmer, software developer, graphic designer, writer, interface designer, patient, doctor, nurse, caregiver, you work in a university, start-up, not-for-profit organization, or patient association, we invite you to participate in our challenge.

Why should you participate?

If you are selected in the first round of projects, you will benefit from a series of coaching from top experts in innovation. You will be guided through business modelling, design thinking, and pitching and will have the opportunity to speak to experienced coaches throughout the process.

If you are part of the three selected winners, you will be invited to our prestigious award ceremony that will take place in Athens with ESOT leaders and industry. It will be an invaluable networking opportunity where you  will be able to meet leading transplantation professionals from across Europe.

We know that money is probably not the main reason that you take part in our program, but if you are one of our three winners, you will also receive a small monetary prize, alongside many other surprises.

  • First prize: 1500 Euros
  • Second Prize: 1000 euros
  • Third prize: 500 euros

We hope this will be only the start of a new adventure for you!

Code of Conduct

You can download the Code of Conduct of the hackathon here


The Hackathon Challenge

“The major feature characterizing transplant patients is uncertainty. Many of their questions about their “new“ clinical condition are sometimes hard to fully address, making their future unpredictable.”

At the beginning, all recipients have to face and accept their disease requiring an organ replacement, then they have to face a long waiting time before they can finally get a transplant. Without proper support, all of these factors are sources of uncertainty and, consequently, anxiety. Until the transplant happens, the long-awaited holy grail is to start a new life.

After transplantation patients have to face many new challenges. Doctors and caregivers provide patients with medications to take and a list of do’s and don’ts to minimize the risks after a transplant, especially due to their state of immunosuppression, and slowly patients start to learn some tricks that are useful in their recovery.

There may be complications along the way:  the smallest infection can become exceedingly difficult to treat but also restrictions on diet and everyday life can be difficult to understand and accept. Patients’ relatives may not always understand their condition: the disease is cured now and they have a new organ that we all have been waiting for. Why are they still so weak? Why all these medications? Will we ever go back to our “normal life”?

These are merely just some of the medical, psychological, and everyday life anxieties and situations that transplant patients face.

Transplant patients need a helping hand throughout their journey, a guide that can help them navigate the uncertainty and overcome it.

At ESOT, we believe that technology can help patients, empowering them to make the right decisions within their new lives.  We are launching a challenge and ask YOU to help us to develop tools that can help them.

Due to the current health pandemics uncertainty within Europe, the first Edition of the ESOT Hackathon 2021 will take place online, through an open innovation program spanning over a period of 4 months. Project submissions, further development and jury will happen through online means. The key dates of our open innovation event can be found in the Programme Tab

Part 1: Inspire and kick off

Inspirational Event (online) 22 June 5-6 PM: RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE

A 1-hour online event aiming to introduce the hackathon and its objectives. You will hear about renowned members from the ESOT community.

Team formation (behind the scenes) – Week of 28 June 2021
Participants who register as a team can indicate whether they are looking for additional team members with specific background or expertise. For participants who register as an individual, there are two options: they are matched with an existing team depending on requested background and expertise or they are matched with other individuals. In all teams, the goal is to cover multiple backgrounds and stakeholders (patient, nurse, doctor, IT, business, marketing) as much as possible.

Challenge kick off (online) – 2 July 2021

A 1-day online event where the teams choose a challenge and come up with ideas for solutions and business model options. The day ends in a pitch where the challenge owners can provide feedback. A jury chooses the top-10 teams to proceed to the next phase of the hackathon.

Part 2: Collaborate and Innovate

Design thinking workshop (online) – 3August 6-8 PM CET: A 2-hour online event about design thinking.

Business modeling workshop (online) – 19 August 2021, 6-8 PM CET : A 2-hour online event aiming to introduce various business model options. Teams collaborate to investigate the options and discuss pros and cons

Collaboration time and coaching (online) – mid July to mid September 2021 : The teams collaborate on a regular basis, on a timing that works for them. Every two weeks, they check in with a coach to discuss progress (using the plan designed with the coach) and get feedback.

Pitching workshop (online): 28 September 2021, 6-8 PM: A 2-hour online pitch training. After the workshop, the teams will have a week to prepare for the final pitch.

Part 3: Pitch and Award

Final Final pitch and jury (online) – Timing: 9 October 2021 : A jury of challenge owners and stakeholders will choose the winning team(s).

The ESOT Hackathon 2021 Jury:

• Gillian Berry, EIT health Alumni (Ireland)
• Anna Forsberg, ETAHP Chair (Sweden)
• Giuseppe Feltrin, EDTCO Board Member (Italy)
• Pisana Ferrari, Patient Advocate (Italy)
• Luca Segantini, Chief Executive Officer (Belgium)
• Vassilios Papalois, ESOT President 2019-2021 (UK)
• Claudio Procaccianti, Chiesi, (Italy)

Should you need more details please contact:

Ariane Brusselmans

Project Director
Email: ariane.brusselmans@esot.org

Mobile: +33 6 73 70 2556

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