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ESOT Hackathon 2021

Start Date:
Saturday, May 01st 2021
End Date:
Saturday, October 16th 2021
Description & Objectives:

ESOT is delighted to launch the first edition of the ESOT Hackathon to identify and develop tools to serve the transplant patient community.

Whether it is an idea, a scenario, a prototype, an app, an interface, a proof of concept or a turnkey solution, we are looking for innovative approaches to improve the well-being and quality of life for transplant patients.

Target Group:

This project will target the healthcare community: patients, carers, but not only.

We aim to attract tech students, software developer active in the medical field expert in intellectual property, innovation management, data privacy etc


Due to the current health pandemics uncertainty within Europe, the first Edition of the ESOT Hackathon 2021 will take place online. Project submissions, further development and jury will happen through online means.


The ESOT Hackathon 2021 is coordinated by a group of ESOT leaders:

Anna Forsberg, ETAHP Chair (Sweden)
Giuseppe Feltrin, EDTCO Board Member (Italy)
Pisana Ferrari, Patient Advocate (Italy)
Luca Segantini, Chief Executive Officer (Belgium)
Ariane Brusselmans, Project Director (France)

More experts in complementary areas like intellectual property, technology, venture capital etc. will be involved to provide advice and connections.

The process of the hackathon is to identify tools for patients, specifically to promote self-management, telemedicine, data transmission to carers and, in general, to improve the well-being and quality of life of transplant patients. ESOT is delighted to invite industry partners to be part of its prestigious hackathon initiative, a competitive event where participants collaborate to build proofs of concept and minimum viable products.

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Should you need more details please contact:

Ariane Brusselmans

Project Director
Email: ariane.brusselmans@esot.org

Mobile: +33 6 73 70 2556

How to register

The competition has not started yet but you can already register your interest by sending a message to Ariane Brusselmans ariane.brusselmans@esot.org



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