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ESOT Congress 2025

Start Date:
Sunday, June 29th 2025 at 08:00
End Date:
Wednesday, July 02nd 2025 at 14:00
London, United Kingdom
Description & Objectives:

Dear esteemed colleagues and friends,
It is with great enthusiasm that we extend our warm invitation to you for the upcoming ESOT Congress, set to take place in the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom on 29 June–2 July 2025.
As we gather for this prestigious international event, we will continue the established ESOT tradition of fostering collaboration and innovation across the continent. The focus of the congress will be two-fold: an exchange of knowledge in the ever-evolving field of organ transplantation and a call to arms on the most pressing global challenge of our time – climate change.

Our core congress theme, ‘Nurturing a sustainable transplantation journey’ reflects our commitment to considerate practices and long-term sustainability in both transplantation methods and associated environmental impacts. We will delve into this concept throughout the congress, acknowledging the intersection of environmental stewardship and the advancement of transplant care. With the guidance of an international lineup of experts, we will examine the impact of global warming on each step of organ transplantation and explore innovative strategies to make the whole journey for transplant patients more efficient and environmentally responsible.

London, a city steeped in rich history and cultural diversity, provides an ideal backdrop for our congress. From the iconic landmarks to the cutting-edge medical institutions, London encapsulates the spirit of progress and enlightenment, making it a fitting host for discussions on the future of transplantation.

Join us in London for the ESOT Congress 2025, where we will not only fine-tune our knowledge on the latest medical breakthroughs, but also forge a path towards a greener and more sustainable future for organ transplantation.


Olivier Thaunat

Colin Wilson



Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

Olivier Thaunat, Lyon, France (Congress Co-Chair)
Colin Wilson, Newcastle, United Kingdom (Congress Co-Chair)
Anya Adair, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (SPC Executive)
Varuna Aluvihare, London, United Kingdom (SPC Executive)
Ekaterine Berishvili, Geneva, Switzerland (SPC Executive)
Maarten Naesens, Leuven, Belgium (SPC Executive)
Oriol Bestard, Barcelona, Spain
Gregor Bond, Vienna, Austria
Saskia Bos, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Philippe Compagnon, Geneva, Switzerland
Lionel Couzi Bordeaux, France
Lucy Dames, London, United Kingdom
Caroline Dudreuilh, London, United Kingdom
Giuseppe Feltrin, Padua, Italy
Hermien Hartog, Groningen, The Netherlands
Speranta Iacob, Bucharest, Romania
Sophie Limou, Nantes, France
Sandra Lindstedt, Lund, Sweden
Gianluca Rompianesi, Naples, Italy
Jelena Stojanovic, London, United Kingdom
Fabio Vistoli, Pisa, Italy
Robin Vos, Leuven, Belgium

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Krish Menon, London (Chair)
Menna Clatworthy, Cambridge
Andrew Fisher, Newcastle
Paul Johnson, Oxford
Maria Kaisar, Oxford
Katie Morley, Cambridge
Gavin Pettigrew, Cambridge
Stephen Pettit, Cambridge
Rommel Ravanan, Bristol
Candice Roufosse, London
Niloufar Safinia, London
Karen Stevenson, Glasgow
Raj Thuraisingham, London
Steve White, Newcastle

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