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Research opportunities will be made available for all of our members. Please review the current study below that you can contribute to.

Biomarkers and Renal Patients in COVID-19 (BRIC) Study

The coronavirus SARS-CoV2 pandemic is a major challenge for patients with renal impairment and immunosuppression. Understanding how renal patients respond to COVID-19 and how we can improve clinical management will be vital to optimising care and protecting these patients.

We have established an international, collaborative registry to collect anonymised data of patients with end-stage renal failure/disease and who develop laboratory-confirmed COVID-19. This is one of the largest registries of patients with a renal transplant or who are on dialysis, when infected with COVID-19. All contributions will be acknowledged with authorship. 

Wherever you are, we want to hear from you. Your clinical experience with these patients is important.

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