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Working towards Prague for TLJ 3.0!

April 14, 2022 | General | TLJ

ESOT is pleased to share information on the upcoming TLJ 3.0 Consensus Conference, which will provide the transplant community with a unique opportunity to discuss the most burning topics in the field.

TLJ 3.0 will bring the project to the next level with a primary goal of developing methodologically solid, consensus-based guidance on clinical practice to improve the care of people with transplants.

To do so, ESOT is bringing together leading experts to discuss nine vital topics and carry out evidence-based reviews. The evidence will be weighed, and preliminary statements will then be developed on these topics.

The culmination of the process will take place in Prague (13-15 November 2022) where these topics will be debated by a jury composed of a broader group of experts, with the aim of reaching a robust consensus for the transplant community. In addition, educational sessions on each topics will be held.

In parallel with TLJ 3.0, ESOT will launch a new initiative and run an Educational Workshop on ‘How to build a consensus’. The workshop will be offered to young professionals and other volunteers who wish to learn more about the methodology and techniques required in developing a robust consensus.

We are delighted to launch a dedicated TLJ 3.0 website which provides more information on this exciting initiative, including the nine topics due to be discussed, debated and explored.

Find out more at: https://tlj-esot.org/

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