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Tremor and tacrolimus formulation

In the latest issue of Transplant International, Magali Giral et al. (France) demonstrated that switching from immediate- and prolonged-release tacrolimus to extended-release tacrolimus was associated with a significant positive effect on tremor and SF-12 mental component score. In addition, other neurological symptoms and the physical component score also tended to improve.

Open letter

Ahead of the European Parliament elections in June, we have published an Open Letter directed at the incoming Members of Parliament (MEPs). We are urging for MEPs to champion our recommendations and interventions aimed at fostering equitable access to transplantation across Europe. Explore the letter

New video!

Every day, 11 people die while awaiting a transplant – a concerning figure that we can change. Dive into our new video highlighting the core actions needed from policymakers, health authorities and medical professionals to close the equity gap in transplantation. Watch the video

Join in on the action

As a valued member of our community, we’re calling for your crucial contribution to ESOT Action Day. By sharing your insights and experience across social media, you can add to our collective voice and help drive meaning action in this area. Find out how

ESOT Action Day 2024

Ahead of the EU Elections on 6–9 June 2024, we are looking to the future of transplantation, examining the field through a political lens. Aligning with this objective, our theme for ESOT Action Day this year focuses on spotlighting the necessary actions required to reduce inequalities in transplantation and drive positive change over the course of the