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Job Alert: Study engineer in human immunology and immune response analysis techniques

The HORUS project (Horizon Europe funding – health cluster, destination “Tackling diseases”) aims to improve our understanding of the “host-virus” relationship between cytomegalovirus (CMV) and solid organ transplant recipients to discover signatures integrating viral, clinical and immunological characteristics associated with CMV control. The ultimate goal is to decrease the incidence of CMV, better manage difficult-to-treat

Job Alert: HORUS EU project manager

The European Project Officer is responsible for the administrative and financial coordination and management of the HORUS (Casting Light on HOst-cytomegaloviRUs interaction in Solid organ transplantation) research project. HORUS is funded by the European Commission (Horizon Europe Programme – health cluster, destination “tackling disease” and is coordinated by the University of Bordeaux (Immunoconcept laboratory; IMMUNOLOGY