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New ESOT Education project: ESOT Certificate in kidney transplantation

May 11, 2022 | Education | General | Kidney

With advances in surgery and immunosuppressive drugs, organ transplantation has become a major treatment for irreversible organ failure. However, there is clear variation in the standard of care delivery across different countries resulting in unmet educational needs.

As part of ESOT’s commitment to education, and in close collaboration with Astellas, ESOT has developed an educational curriculum to address these unmet needs through a multidisciplinary learning programme across key topics within kidney transplantation.

The project, titled ESOT Certificate in kidney transplantation – The pre-transplant phase: Getting the best for patients with CKD will be conducted with transplant centres in Colombia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and it covers the following topics within its scientific programme:

  • Management of deceased donors (led by Chloë Balleste, ESOT Councillor)
  • Living kidney donation (led by Muhammad Khurram, ESOT Outreach lead)
  • Management of waiting list (led by Raj Thuraisingham)

Through international collaboration and a combination of activities, including online lectures, learner self-assessments, forums, webinars and mentorship sessions, this systematic approach to these topics will equip transplantation professionals with the relevant tools, skills and knowledge to place patients onto the most appropriate care pathways and achieve optimal outcomes.

The course (only by invitation) starts on 11 May 2022 and will run until March 2023.

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