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Original research: Heart Transplantation in High-Risk Recipients Employing Donor Marginal Grafts Preserved With Ex-Vivo Perfusion

Sponga et al. studied heart transplants in high-risk recipients with marginal donors, preserved using ex-vivo normothermic perfusion (EVP). Results suggest EVP reduces ischemic time and allows evaluating graft function during transport. This could broaden the donor pool in complex settings with marginal donors and high-risk recipients.

2023 ESOT Council elections

The 2023 ESOT Council elections will take place starting tomorrow, May 30. Detailed information about the elections is available here. If you are up to date with your ESOT membership, you will soon receive an invitation to vote in the 2023 Council elections from Civica Election Services, our trusted election partner (please remember to check your SPAM folder as

ESOT TLJ Consensus Conference Highlights Report

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who joined ESOT at TLJ 3.0 and supported us on our mission to transform the world of transplantation and improve the lives of people living with transplants. We are excited to see the impact of these newly formed consensus reports and hope they assist in guiding the future of transplantation. However, we recognise there is still a long way to go. Our work does not stop here, and we look forward to continuing to strive towards a brighter future for transplantation at many more meetings in the years to come.

We embrace Equity

The European Society of Organ Transplantation is dedicated to achieve excellence in the care of patients in need for organ transplant and those who received an organ transplant. Providing top-class professional education and promoting policies for equitable access to transplantation are key points to pursuing our mission. This vision stands on firm principles of equal