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The Hepatologist in a Liver Transplant Program (HLTP) Course 2021

August 6, 2020 | Education | Liver

The course has the main objective of expanding the knowledge related to liver transplantation, sensitizing the trainers in Hepatology and the young specialists to the main issues and to multidisciplinary approaches, thus increasing the interest in this setting, the ability of an adequate referral of potential liver candidates and satisfactory clinical skills.

5th Hepatologist in a liver transplant program (HLTP) course
Joint AISF – ELITA Course

June 30•July 1, 2021
Auditorium Antonianum
Rome, Italy

Liver transplantation has been accepted as the sole therapy for acute and chronic liver failure from different etiologies and some forms of liver cancer, with excellent results and rates of survival comparable to those of the general population of the same age.

The increasing success on this issue is attributable to the progress achieved over time in the field of pharmacology (introduction of new immunosuppressive drugs and storage grafts solutions), hepatology and liver surgery, where early diagnosis and the correct management of complications after transplantation are fundamental to guaranteeing satisfactory long-term results.

The improvement of knowledge in this area involves constant updating as well as thorough medical, cultural and ethical preparation by all the operators engaged in the liver transplant procedure.

The course is organized as a two-day meeting. The program includes a mix of lectures, case discussions and interactive presentations on four main topics: management of decompensated cirrhosis in the setting of transplantation, transplant oncology, DCD and machine perfusion, and update on tailoring immunosuppression.

The course is primarily addressed to specialists or residents in Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Surgery.
This HLTP Course will be considered as preparatory course for the AISF Transplant Hepatology Exam and for the European Diploma in Transplant Medicine (UEMS – EBTM) Exam.

Patrizia Burra (CPT AISF)
General Secretary (AISF)
Wojciech Polak (ELITA)
Giacomo Germani (ELITA)


The Course is primarily addressed to specialists or residents in Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Surgery and participation is limited to 30 participants.
Detailed registration information and deadlines coming soon. Please visit the event page regularly for updates.

For further information please contact Valentina Ricci at valentina.ricci@esot.org

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