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Progress in Communication and Dissemination at Recent HORUS General Assembly

February 17, 2024 | All | Heart | Kidney | Lung

In the recent HORUS General Assembly, ESOT presented updates on Work Package 7, which is dedicated to communication and dissemination strategies, in an effort to advance research and innovation collaboratively.

The General Assembly provided a unique opportunity for partners within the HORUS Project to convene in person and share insights into their respective contributions. ESOT, as a key player in Work Package 7, offered a comprehensive overview of the progress made in communication and dissemination efforts. The updates from ESOT highlighted the strategic initiatives employed to communicate the goals and outcomes of the HORUS Project effectively. This includes disseminating valuable information to stakeholders, engaging with the broader scientific community, and promoting awareness about the project’s significance.

The occasion served as more than a platform for presentations; it was a chance for partners involved in the important Project on CMV to meet face-to-face, fostering collaboration and strengthening the bonds crucial to the project’s success.

The HORUS General Assembly proved to be a valuable forum for exchanging ideas, aligning strategies, and building a collective vision for the future stages of the project. As ESOT continues to contribute to the communication and dissemination goals of Work Package 7, the overall success of the HORUS Project is enhanced by the collaborative efforts of all partners involved.

For those interested in staying informed about the latest developments in the HORUS Project, including updates from ESOT and other partners, follow us on our communication channels for regular insights. The journey towards advancing research and innovation in the realm of CMV is a collective effort, and the HORUS Project remains committed to its goals with enthusiasm and determination.

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