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To build on the success and strengths of the TLJ 2018 experience, ESOT launched an exciting new project, TLJ 2.0, which took place online between 15-17 November 2020.

The ethos behind TLJ is built on learning. Learning never stops and emerging stars, expert professionals and opinion leaders all need to keep learning to stay on top of their discipline.

TLJ 2.0 focused on providing value and producing concrete outcomes for transplantation professionals. By adopting a comprehensive, virtual, 360 experience, TLJ 2.0 enables participants to grow their knowledge and develop collaborations on a range of topics in transplantation.

With the aim of fostering productive discussion and interaction before and after the event, TLJ 2.0 featured a series of complimentary preparatory webinars, workstream activity reports and interactive focus sessions developed by ESOT’s Sections and Committees – providing value to all audiences. Topics of discussion were carefully crafted based on an extensive consultation and represented the focal points of each workstream. These topics were managed by leaders in the field, who connected peers and mentors alike.


Workstreams are at the core of TLJ 2.0 and they will develop a series of consensus papers aimed for publication in ESOT’s journal, Transplant International.

WS01 - New Surrogate endpoints in transplantation

This consensus workshop will focus on endpoints solely on “how to define successful kidney transplantation”. This focuses on the innovative organ sources, like xenotransplants, 3D printed organs, lab grown organs, currently not used resuscitated organs using innovative perfusion techniques etc.

Group members: Georg Böhmig (Austria), Erik Berglund (Sweden), Emanuele Cozzi (Italy), Martin Hoogduijn (the Netherlands), Ina Jochmans (Belgium), James Neuberger (UK), Colin White (Ireland)


Maarten Naesens
EKITA Board Member 2019-2023
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Stefan Schneeberger
ESOT Past President & VCA Council Liaison
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WS02 - CMV infection and disease

This workstream focuses on describing the state of the art of the prevention and treatment of CMV infection in solid organ transplant recipients.

Leader: Paolo Grossi

Group members: Luciano Potena (Italy), Jose Maria Aguado (Spain), Nassim Kamar (France), Pilar Perez Romero (Spain)

Forum moderator: Maria Simonenko and Cristina Rovelli

Kindly supported by an unrestricted grant from MSD.


WS03 – Cancer in pre and post transplant patients

The aim of this workgroup is to establish a consensus on key questions concerning cancer in solid organ transplant recipients namely, what are the changes of immunosuppressive therapy that can currently be recommended in transplant recipients with skin and non-skin cancers.

Leader: Umberto Maggiore

Group members: Rachel Hellemans (Belgium), Sylvain Choquet (France)

Forum moderators: Ilaria Galdolfini and Alessandra Palmisano


WS04 – NRP after DCD

This workstream aims to provide an evidence based answer to the following question: Should NRP become standard of care in DCD donation?

Leader: Ina Jochmans

Group members: Amelia Hessheimer (Spain), Arne Neyrinck (Belgium), John Dark (UK), Chris Watson (UK), Diederik Kimenai (The Netherlands), David Paredes Zapata (Spain).

Forum moderator: Maria Irene Bellini


Ina Jochmans
Councillor 2019-2023
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WS05 – It’s not only extended donor criteria, it’s extending the donor pool

Donation and transplantation is a going-on discipline. Organ donors and recipients are time by time more complex from the medical perspective and we must guarantee that the transplant of this non-standard and non extended criteria donor is safe.

Leaders: Giuseppe Feltrin and Nuria Masnou

Group members: Željka Gavranović, (Croatia), Paolo Grossi (Italy), Aurora Navarro (Spain) and Peter Veitch (UK)

Forum moderator: Omar Taco


Giuseppe Feltrin
EDTCO Board member 2019-2023
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Nuria Masnou Burralló
EDTCO Vice-Chair 2021-2023
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WS06 – HLA desensitization

This workstream focuses on discussing the potential recipients with otherwise suitable donors who are relegated to the ever-expanding deceased-donor waiting list because of preformed human leukocyte antigen (HLA) antibodies (HLA sensitization) which may be acquired via pregnancy, transfusion, and/or prior transplant.

Leader: Nizam Mamode

Group members: Oriol Bestard (Spain), Christophe Legendre (France), Maarten Naesens (Belgium), Lucrezia Furian (Italy), Sian Griffin (UK), Frans Claas (The Netherlands)

Forum moderator: Edoardo Melilli

Kindly supported by an unrestricted grant from Hansa Biopharma


WS07 – COVID-19

Collaboration between members/countries of the ESOT community to analyse data retrospectively and to create a (flexible and regularly updated) guideline document to support the individuals (patients and clinicians) within the Transplant community in times of a pandemic.

Leader: Vassilios Papalois

Group members: Liset Pengel (UK), Luca Segantini (Italy), Maria Irene Bellini (UK), Natalie Vallant (UK), Luciano Potena (Italy), Olivier Thaunat (France), Alexandre Loupy (France), Annemarie Weissenbacher (Austria), Lucrezia Furian (Italy), Wojtek Polak (The Netherlands), Ivan Knezevic (Slovenia), Julian de la Torre-Cisneros (Spain), Ellisiv Stifoss-Hansen (Norway), Peter Carstedt (Sweden), Katja
Kotsch (Germany), Nina Pilat-Michalek (Austria)

Forum moderator: Maria Irene Bellini and Vassilios Papalois

Kindly supported by an unrestricted grant from industry.


Vassilios Papalois
ESOT Past President 2021-2023
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Patient Learning Workstream

The introduction of a Patient Learning Workstream reflected ESOT’s commitment to creating mutual understanding and collaborative opportunities for Transplant Donor Coordinators, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects of Organ Transplantation and the European Transplant Patient Organisation (ETPO) Alliance. These activities focused on what it means to be an organ recipient – creating a platform for learning and collaboration on patients’ main concerns and how we can deal with them.

Anna Forsberg
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Nichon Jansen
EDTCO Past Chair 2021-2022
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Najma Hannah Maple
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Emma Massey
ELPAT Past Chair
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David Paredes-Zapata
EDTCO Past Chair
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Speciality Sessions

Attendees were also given the opportunity to take part in our Speciality Sessions, joining global discussions on the most recent developments in the respective areas of specialisation, including combined paediatric transplantation (EKITA), heart and lung transplantation (ECTTA), and issues concerning organ regeneration, innate immunity, and tolerance (BSC, ECTORS, VCA).

SS01 (EKITA) - Combined Transplantation

What are the main issues and considerations with regard to combined transplants from the surgical, medical and ethical point of view.

EKITA Board members: Robert Langer (Austria), Diederik Kimenai (The Netherlands), Fritz Diekmann (Spain), Maria Irene Bellini (UK), Lucrezia Furian (Italy), Karine Hadaya (Switzerland), Jelena Stojanovic (UK), Baris Akin (Turkey), Aiko de Vries (The Netherlands), Dimitrios Moutzouris (UK), Maarten Naesens (Belgium)

SS02 (ECTTA) – Heart and Lung Transplantation

In two sessions we will discuss some most current topics with regards to cardiothoracic transplantation. Follow our debate on machine perfusion and the session dedicated to managing outcomes of cardiothoracic transplantation.

ECTTA Board members: Ivan Knezevic (Slovenia), Robin Vos (Belgium), Cristiano Amarelli (Italy), Massimo Boffini (Italy), Michiel Erasmus (Netherlands), Arne Neyrinck (Belgium), Johann Nielson (Sweden), Andreas Zuckermann (Austria).

SS03 (BSC-ECTORS-VCA) – New Aspects in Organ Regeneration in Transplant Immunology

Join the BSC symposium for the latest updates on regeneration, metabolism and innate immunity in transplantation research. We want to provide you with selected highlights and cutting edge innovations in transplant medicine with special regard to basic immunology, organ regeneration and vascularized composite tissue transplantation.

Scientific Organisers
Katja Kotsch (BSC)
Nina Pilat (BSC)
Martin Hoogduijn (ECTORS)
Gerald Brandacher (VCA)

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What's Up?

In light of the findings from the event, workgroups are developing a series of consensus papers aimed for publications in Transplant International and further dissemination and interaction will be achieved by interactive materials hosted on Transplant Live, the ESOT e-learning platform.

What's Next?

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