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EDTCO Past Chair

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. Living and working in Barcelona Spain, since October 1994. ACADEMIC TRAINING: CERTIFIED EUROPEAN TRANSPLANT COORDINATOR – CETC. Awarded by the European Transplant Coordination Organization and the University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Porto (Portugal), October 6, 2001. Honorary Certification as CERTIFIED EUROPEAN TRANSPLANT COORDINATOR – CETC Board of Transplant Coordinators, Division of Transplantation, European Union of Medical Specialities (UEMS) and ETCO. Octubre 2011. MASTER DEGREE ORGAN AND TISSUES TRASPLANTATION Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, 1997-98 DOCTORAL (PhD) STUDIES University of Barcelona Medical School 2013-2015 KIDNEY TRANSPLANT TRAINING: Fundación Puigvert, Kidney Transplant Unit, Barcelona Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. October 1994-98. TRANSPLANT COORDINATION: Advanced International Training Course on Transplant Coordination. Transplant Procurement Management Barcelona University, ONT, OCATT November 1994 NEPHROLOGY Universidad Javeriana – Medical School, Colombia 1993 INTERNAL MEDICINE Universidad Javeriana – Medical School, Colombia 1988 MEDICAL SCHOOL Universidad Javeriana – Medical School, Colombia 1983 OTHER STUDIES: • 1997: Advanced Transplantation Course. Fundació Catalana de Trasplantaments, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Barcelona, Febrero 17-21 y Mayo 12-16, Barcelona, Spain. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED: • INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY, Fellow in Training at the Kidney Transplant Unit. Fundación Puigvert, Barcelona, January 1996 – July 1997. • SPANISH INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AGENCY. Training in Kidney Transplant, Fundación Puigvert, Barcelona, January – December 1995. • JAPAN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AGENCY. Training course in Countermeasures against renal failure, Tokyo, Japan, August – October 1987.