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Transplant International Editorial Fellowship 2024

May 2, 2024 | General

Together with Transplant International, we are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2024 edition of the Editorial Fellowship programme, a twelve-month programme for 5 transplant fellows or early career professionals with an interest in research, education, medical editing, and scholarly writing.

The Editorial Fellowship will offer the opportunity to connect more closely with the ESOT community and the leaders in the transplant field, including scientists, researchers, physicians and educators. Each editorial fellow will work in close collaboration with one of Transplant International editors-in-chief. At the end of the Editorial Fellowship, participants who showed commitment to the journal may be invited to join the Editorial Board as Associate Editors. The fellowship will begin on 1 September 2024.

The application can be submitted via email [mail to askme@esot.org Subject: Transplant International Fellowship 2024 ] by 02/06/2024:

Documentation to include in the application:

a.  Application form should cover the following details:

  • Motivation letter
  • Department where the applicant is working
  • Recommendation letter from an ESOT member

b.  Brief CV (max. 2 pages) – CVs with an exceeding number of pages will not be considered.

Check the Terms of Reference here.


“It is an invaluable opportunity for growth to have the chance to discuss transplantation with experts in the field. A great atmosphere of collaboration has been fostered among us, enriching us not only professionally but also on a human level. I highly recommend this experience.”

Chiara Becchetti, TI Editorial Fellow 2023


“Being an Editorial Fellow at Transplant International is a wonderful and very educational experience, and your input is truly appreciated. I really enjoy working with the Editors-in-Chief and Associate Editors, as well as with the other Editorial Fellows. The close collaboration with ESOT is unique and offers added value.”

Saskia Bos, TI Editorial Fellow 2023


My Editorial Fellowship has been an invaluable and highly educational experience. I really enjoy the close supervision and collaboration with the Editors-in-Chief and other Editorial Fellows. As a fellow, your input is truly appreciated and accompanied by valuable feedback. This wonderful Fellowship is a professionally, personally enriching and highly recommendable opportunity.

Fabian Eibensteiner, TI Editorial Fellow 2023


“My experience at Transplant International was very rich. I could follow the «behind the scenes» of the editorial board and understand the mechanisms of scientific publication. I would personally recommend it to any young scientist involved in the field of transplantation.”

Mehdi Maanaoui, TI Editorial Fellow 2023


“During my tenure as an Editorial Fellow at Transplant International, I delved into a world of scholarly brilliance. Immersed in exceptional manuscripts, I absorbed invaluable insights from the Editor-in-Chief and reviewers, honing my ability to evaluate manuscripts critically. Interacting with leading experts inspired me to champion excellence in transplantation with newfound zeal.”

Tudor Moisoiu, TI Editorial Fellow 2023


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