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Session in spotlight – Xenotransplantation: Navigating ethical frontiers & societal impact

August 3, 2023 | Congress | General | Non-organ specific | Xenograft

19 September at 20:00 EEST, ESOT Congress 2023, Athens

Step into the world of xenotransplantation, a cutting-edge field that pushes the boundaries of medical science and sparks intense debates about ethical frontiers and societal impact!

In this thought-provoking session, experts such as David Ayares, Matthias Kaiser, Jayme Locke and Eckhard Wolf will delve into the developments and challenges of xenotransplantation through a riveting exploration of the broader implications that come with this ground-breaking technology. Also joining the panel is Penilla Gunther (Former Member of Swedish Parliament, Founder of FOKUS Patient) and Efstratios Chatzixiros (Adviser, Transplantation Human Organs-Tissues-Cells Blood and Other Products of Human Origin for WHO).

Moderated by health journalist Jacqui Thornton, the interactive and engaging discussion will venture beyond the laboratory and into the heart of real-world considerations. Building on the science disclosed in the plenary session (19 September at 15:15 EEST), this evening session uniquely focuses on the equity of access, ethical dilemmas, societal consequences, and even religious connotations accompanying the integration of xenotransplantation into medical practice.

Your burning questions will be tackled head-on. Should we implement xenotransplantation now? How can we navigate the regulatory and governance challenges? What steps can we take to ensure equitable distribution and benefit to all? If the science proves successful, how do we integrate this into mainstream healthcare?

Be a part of this captivating conversation as we confront the multifaceted aspects of the future of xenotransplantation. Discover the potential impact on society and the intricate web of decisions that lie ahead. Whether you’re a medical professional, ethicist, policy maker, or simply curious, this session promises to broaden your understanding and provoke new perspectives on the path forward for this revolutionary medical frontier.

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