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Patient Inclusivity Events at the ESOT Congress 2023

August 2, 2023 | General | Patients

The ESOT Patient Inclusion Initiative Steering Committee is delighted to announce the Patient Inclusivity Events at the ESOT Congress 2023 in Athens, Greece. These events cover workshops and sessions to help foster the relationship between patient advocates and healthcare professionals.

The sessions are part of the ESOT Congress 2023 programme and have been identified by the Steering Committee as of particular value to patient organisations and advocates. These sessions will provide powerful insights, knowledge and resources that will effectively champion patients’ rights, which is crucial as we strive towards patient-driven transplant care.

Members of societies that are part of the ESOT-ETPO Alliance Network and patient advocates are most welcome to attend the in-person and online activities.

The registration to the events [Workshop 1 and 2] listed on the agenda is free of charge.

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