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New professional development workshop on grants, research and publishing

November 22, 2022 | Education | General | Workshops

The new ESOT professional development series, 50 Minutes to grow your career, kicked off on 8 November with the first online workshop, How to best plan your career: Tips and tricks from the experts.

The workshop was led by Liset Pengel and Muhammad Khurram, who moderated a lively discussion with panellists Giuseppe Feltrin, Anna Forsberg, Martin Hoogduijn and Hannah Maple. Panellists shared what they learned in their personal career path that has helped them advance, the main challenges in their fields, the skills early career professionals need to succeed, as well as some broader insights into their fields.

Among the topics covered, the importance of teaching and training was greatly emphasized: Hanna Maple (ELPAT chair) underlined the importance of inspiring people into transplantation and Martin Hoogduijn (ECTORS board member) highlighted how crucial it is to seek educational opportunities and to learn from good teachers.

Giuseppe Feltrin (EDTCO board member) focused on the importance of being flexible and willing to change one’s perspective, understanding the needs of colleagues and surrounding oneself with good team members.

Anna Forsberg (ETAHP chair) shared the challenges for nurses to pursue an academic career and how she was able to find her way in both academia and the clinic.

The variety of specialities represented among the panellists was also reflected among participants: surgeons, physicians, basic scientists and nurses, most of them in the early stages of their career, attended the workshop – a clear demonstration of the diversity of our community and of the need for professional development opportunities across all specialties and professions. The recording of the workshop will soon be available on Transplant Live.

The next workshop Navigating the jungle of grants, research and publications – where do I start? will take place on 6 December. Panellists Caroline Dudreuilh, Nuria Montserrat, Nina Pilat and Rutger Ploeg will provide insights on a variety of topics including funding, conducting, and publishing one’s own research.

Registrations are now open, do not miss the opportunity to learn from our experts!



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