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HLA desensitisation platform

ESOT is delighted to announce the new dedicated platform for HLA desensitisation. Building on the work that has been initiated within the WS06 of the TLJ event on HLA desensitisation, ESOT developed a comprehensive education programme, to create awareness around the work done and progress made to manage better sensitised transplant patients. We wish to

Marathon in memory of Sevda Hassan

ESOT is delighted to inform you that Zaneeta Dhesi is currently running the TCS London Marathon 2022 to fundraise for Bowel Cancer UK in memory of Sevda Hassan, our YPT Chair in 2021-2022. Bowel Cancer UK supports, campaigns, educates and funds research to improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer. Sustain their

ESOT Action Day 2022

Save the Date! To celebrate ESOT’s 40th anniversary, we are delighted to announce that we will be launching ESOT Action Day 2022 for the very first time on 28th April. We will be providing further details very shortly, including a number of exciting events and activities. Please follow #ESOTaction for all the latest information.