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Transplant International in 2022: a review

January 17, 2023 | All

The spirit of Transplant International is characterised by anticipation of the developments lying ahead and attempt to grow through generated opportunities. In an increasingly digital world and amid growing concerns for the environment, we adopted a paperless format years before our competitors.
We have taken advantage of the potential offered by digitalization and designed a journal with a completely novel appearance, with animated covers as a hallmark. Open science, embodied in the FAIR acronym (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Reusability), is not only a self-serving principle but has become a requirement from academic institutions to their scholars. Also, and more compellingly, most funding agencies increasingly demand that scientific outputs resulting from public financial support be made freely available.
We strongly believe that these changes are here to stay and that all scientific research will be published open access in the near future. In line with all these important changes, and to further adapt to these challenging times, we have made our selection of a new publisher and opted to move to gold open access in 2022. This change was very well adopted by the community and resulted in close to 250, carefully peer-reviewed, high-quality articles published in regular or special issues in 2022.

We would like to thank the authors who have chosen Transplant International to publish their cutting-edge research. In this News item, we also wish to highlight the articles that have received the most attention in 2022 and congratulate their authors. Our thanks also go to our executive and associate editors and our reviewers, whose work and expertise are the bedrock of Transplant International.

Happy New Year, and may 2023 bring exciting achievements to all!


Thierry Berney, Maria Irene Bellini, Nuria Montserrat, Maarten Naesens, Thomas Neyens, Stefan Schneeberger


Reflecting on an Intense Year for Transplant International

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