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Swedish Nursing and Values Award 2020 awarded to Anna Forsberg

December 11, 2020 | Network | Non-organ specific | Patients | Transplant coordination | Transplant nursing

Our most sincere congratulations to Anna Forsberg on receiving this award.

Anna Forsberg, R.N., and professor is awarded because of her endless efforts to enable that patients are met with respect based on their needs and with maintained integrity and dignity. Within education, the clinic and through numerous presentations, Anna Forsberg has inspired nurses to actively adopt their professional ethics with courage and motivation for the good of their patients.

Anna Forsberg is through her research exploring how health and recovery can be promoted after solid organ transplantation. Her research stem from the patients’ perspective, their motivation and understanding. She is a bed-side, clinical professor in nursing who bravely and smart brakes new grounds for nursing asking for the patients narrative in every encounter.

[source: https://www.swenurse.se/nyheter/pressmeddelanden/2020-12-09-arets-omvardnads–och-vardegrundspris-2020 ]

The motivations for the award recognise Anna’s strong commitment to the inclusion of the patient perspective in both research and clinical practice.

Anna Forsberg
Professor in Transplant nursing
Head of the research group: Care in high tech environments
Institute of Health Sciences
Lund – Sweden

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