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Learn about the latest developments in regenerative medicine on Transplant Live

October 3, 2022 | General

A new course on Regenerative medicine, created by Martin Hoogduijn (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Hanne Scholz (Oslo, Norway), and Olivier Thaunat (Lyon, France), is now available on Transplant Live, the ESOT online education platform!

About regenerative medicine
Regenerative medicine is expected to play an increasingly important role in organ and cell transplantation in the near future. New technological and biological advances have the potential not only to provide tools and solutions to improve (transplant) organ and cell function and longevity, but also alleviate organ shortage. 

About the course
This course aims at updating transplant professionals on the state of the art of regenerative medicine in organ and cell transplantation by touching upon the basic biology of stem cells and the introduction of regenerative therapies in the clinical arena.

Each of the four modules includes video lectures, a selection of publications suggested by the faculty, and self-assessment quizzes. We encourage you to take this course on Transplant Live for an opportunity to expand your knowledge in this field.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you on Transplant Live!

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