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Q&A Session 2 from the webinar “Coping with Uncertainty during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

May 20, 2020 | Patients | Transplant nursing | Webinars

The ESOT webinar “Coping with Uncertainty during the COVID-19 Pandemic” took place on April 27, 2020. Conceived as an opportunity for patient representatives and transplant professionals to exchange their concerns, suggestions, and expectations in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, the webinar was attended by patients, patient associations and medical professionals.

In the Second video of this series, panellists Giuseppe Feltrin (Regional Transplant Coordinator, Veneto Region, Italy, and EDTCO Board member) and Marjo Lehtonen (Finnish Kidney and Liver Association) address some of the recurring concerns raised by participants through their questions.

Main topics:

·      Organ donation during the COVID-19 pandemic
·      Donor screening
·      Donation after recovery from COVID-19

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