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Online Symposium at ESOT congress 2021 – Patient inclusion initiative

August 10, 2021 | Congress | General | Network | Organ donation | Patients | Self-management | Transplant coordination | Transplant nursing | Webinars

Online symposium ESOT ETPO 28th August

What do we know about physical activity after solid organ transplantation?
What is the patient experience with physical activity?
How can one get started and hold on?

The symposium will address these questions while providing accessible information and practical advice. Speakers include physical therapists as well as people with transplants who will share their experience and insights.

Participation in the online symposium is free of charge.

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By attending this online symposium, participants will learn how to begin and maintain physical activity after solid organ transplantation as well as the evidence behind the recommendations provided by the transplant team.

This online symposium is aimed at people with transplants, caregivers, patient advocates, healthcare professionals and anyone who wishes to learn more about the importance of physical activity after solid organ transplantation.


For more information on the activities held during the ESOT congress 2021 please visit: https://www.esotcongress.org/patient-centred-activities

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