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Of Interest: Take part in the survey on Organ Offer Process

February 22, 2023 | General

Infectious Diseases (ID) clinicians who care for solid organ transplant patients are often involved with helping to approve “organ offers.” The ID clinician may be asked about the risk of accepting an organ from a donor with a potential or diagnosed infection. For ID clinicians, there is a lack of guidelines on which organs to accept for certain infections. We want to investigate the approach in this situation in different parts of the world.
We hope that you will support the project and be able to email the survey information to the members of the ID task force or other colleagues that may be interested.
The survey can be accessed here: https://go.esot.org/ID_surveyOOP
Investigators of the Organ Offer Process Study (OOPS!): John Baddley, Katya Prakash, Monica Slavin, Michael Ison, Ricardo La Hoz, Paolo Grossi, Andrew Karaba, Rachel Miller, Nancy Law, Fritzie Albarillo, Shmuel Shoham, Tirdad Zangeneh, and Kapil Saharia



This is promoted by the ESOT Infectious Disease Taskforce.

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