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Herpes virus infections after heart and lung transplantation: when CMV and EBV go rogue

Happening next Monday at 18:00 CEST By attending this webinar, participants will learn about the burden and the common sequelae of infections with CMV...

September 16, 2020 | Education | Heart | Lung | Webinars

Crossing the bridge: tailoring antiviral prophylaxis by linking it to CMV-specific immunity

Full recording now available! Few days ago, we hosted the 2nd in our webinar series supported by an unrestricted education grant from Biotest: “Crossing...

September 10, 2020 | Education | Heart | Lung | Webinars

TTS-ELPAT Joint Workshop on Cutting Edge in Transplant Ethics

Happening on 15|09|2020 see here the programme: Dale Gardiner, United Kingdom Should we abandon the term brain death? Dr. Emma K. Massey, Netherlands Overcoming...

September 9, 2020 | Ethics, Law and Psychosocial | Network | Non-organ specific | Organ donation | Patients | Transplant coordination | Transplant nursing

Diploma/MSc in Organ Transplantation

Of Interest  The registration for the next diet of purely online degree in Clinical Renal Transplantation at University of Liverpool is open now. The...

September 7, 2020 | Education | Kidney

European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation 2020

The European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation (EODD) takes place to raise awareness on the importance of organ, tissue and cell donation as...

August 24, 2020 | Organ donation | Patients | Transplant coordination | Transplant nursing

Clinical Transplantation Day 2020 – Endorsed by ESOT and EKITA

We would like to draw your attention on the upcoming “Clinical Transplantation Day” 2020 that will be organised on November 20th 2020, endorsed by ESOT...

August 18, 2020 | Kidney | Network | Patients | Webinars

Join our dedicated COVID-19 Open Forum

At this challenging time ESOT has created a dedicated online forum for transplant professionals to discuss experiences, offer recommendations and share resources linked to...

August 12, 2020 | Cell | Composite tissue | Discussion boards | Education | Ethics, Law and Psychosocial | Heart | Intestine | Islets | Kidney | Liver | Lung | Non-organ specific | Pancreas | Patients | Xenograft

VANGUARD featured in the Horizon EU magazine

The VANGUARD project officially started and had its kick-off in January 2020, in conjunction with the annual symposium of the European Pancreas and Islet...

August 12, 2020 | Islets | Pancreas

ESOT TLJ 2.0 is now a fully online experience

Join us in a unique learning journey, which is taking place now and will culminate with consensus meetings in November 2020. After careful consideration,...

August 7, 2020 | E-learning | Education | Meetings | Transplant nursing