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August 10, 2022 | General

Although kidney transplantation rates have increased in many countries in recent years, highly sensitised patients typically spend longer waiting for a transplant, or may never receive one. Building on the work initiated within the WS06 of the TLJ 2.0 event on HLA desensitisation, ESOT developed a comprehensive programme to create awareness around the work done and progress made to manage better sensitised transplant patients.

ESOT is pleased to announce that the publication, ‘European Guideline for the Management of Kidney Transplant Patients with HLA antibodies: by the European Society for Organ Transplantation Working Group’ has been published in Transplant International.

The working group behind the guideline includes healthcare professionals from across Europe with expertise in the field, patient group representatives and a member of the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation, University of Oxford, UK.

Six areas of interest were defined within the guideline:

  • Definition of sensitisation
  • Comparison of practices across Europe
  • Strategies for access to kidney transplantation for highly sensitised patients
  • Desensitisation strategies
  • Outcomes after HLA incompatible transplantation
  • The place of kidney exchange programs for sensitised patients

The guideline is aimed at healthcare professionals who are faced with a patient with HLA antibodies,
to provide advice regarding the most appropriate way to achieve a successful transplant.

Read the full guideline here.

More resources on HLA here.

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