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New ESOT Manifesto – Tackling Inequalities in Organ Transplantation: A Pathway Forward

October 5, 2022 | All

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new ESOT policy report, ‘Tackling Inequalities in Organ Transplantation: A Pathway Forward’.

The report follows a session held last week by ESOT and Takeda at the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) 2022, as well as a Think Tank dedicated to the topic of inequality, held during the very first ESOT Action Day on 28 April 2022.

ESOT recognises that significant disparities currently exist in organ transplantation across Europe so immediate action must be taken now. This manifesto represents our formal commitment to help meet this challenge and tackle inequality in organ transplantation in Europe head-on.

The manifesto provides a state-of-play overview of organ transplantation in Europe and sets out five core actions that European stakeholders and ESOT must take.

European stakeholder actions:

  • Governments and health authorities to include patient organisations and representatives in the development process of national initiatives and legislation on organ transplantation
  • Governments and health authorities to collaborate with key stakeholders, such as ESOT, to create a universal standard to support HCPs and European transplant centres in delivering consistent transplant services across the EU, ensuring equity of access to transplantation and improving HCP/patient awareness and training

ESOT actions:

  • ESOT to launch data-driven registries and initiate an international call for data, specifically:
    • Using new approaches in data gathering, such as the integration of data across various disciplines
    • Attaining greater longitudinal data around inequities according to the sex of donors and recipients in organ transplantation
    • Gathering patient-driven data (i.e. PROs) to inform patients on realistic experiences and reduce fear among patients and families/caregivers
  • ESOT to work with patient associations in establishing a multilingual and culturally competent transplant patient information portal aimed at improving patient education and awareness using real-world evidence
  • ESOT to develop a HCP communication guide promoting shared decision-making and bridging the inequality gap for access and education in organ transplantation between developed and less-developed countries within the EU

We hope our community and stakeholders will join us as we strive to deliver solutions that improve awareness and education for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, and ultimately increase transplant equity across Europe.

So, please join us in our mission and help spread this vital message. Together, we can deliver a brighter future for organ transplantation.

Read the manifesto in full now!



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