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ESOT Hackathon 2021 Winner: NewLife

November 5, 2021 | General | Patients

At ESOT, we believe that technology can help patients, providing them with a voice and inspiring them to make the right decisions within their new lives. This belief backed our Hackathon initiative, which intended to source innovative approaches to improve the well-being and quality of life for transplant patients.

The winner of the ESOT Hackathon 2021 was awarded to the ‘NewLife’ project, presented by : Vincent Karam, Justyna Gołębiewska, Eric Buleux-Osmann, Christophe Duvoux, Wojtek Polak, and Giancarlo La Pietra (as the coach).

This project aims to develop an app for pre- and post-transplant patients, connecting the transplant professional and patient platforms together to create an open network. Collecting subjective data from patients, such as quality of life, and linking it with objective data will allow for a patient centred approach. The app will also provide patients with the tools to manage their transplant journey. It will include social network, patient education, patient directed surveys, and personal organisation schedules (such as medication schedule and appointments).

We caught up with the NewLife team to hear more about their vision. We discussed the motivation behind their project, what the app will provide, how it will work, what challenges they faced along the way and their visions for the future.

Read the full article here to learn more.

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