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ESOT Education Committee – Call for nominations

November 12, 2021 | All

The ESOT Education Committee is delighted to invite applications for five new Board members.

The aim of the Committee is to coordinate all educational activities within ESOT. Regular, monthly meetings are held to discuss the current educational programme, organise events and plan future activities. Education is integrated across the Society and the Committee closely interacts with all ESOT Sections and Committees.

The committee is looking for active members that have demonstrable experience with education, are team players and have a clear vision for education within ESOT. The following positions are available:

  • A lead for courses and masterclasses
    • The lead will be responsible for coordinating the foundational courses and the advanced masterclasses. These courses include the Hesperis course, the Hesperis outreach course, the ELITA Basic Course in Liver Transplantation (BCLT), the ELITA-AISF Hepatologist in a Liver Transplant Programme (HLTP), the LIDO course, the ELITA SPLIT Liver course and any new courses that may be developed by the Committee.
  • A lead for professional development
    • The lead will be responsible for the professional development activities, which include the ACADEMIA course, professional development workshops and the mentorship programme (in development).
  • An education outreach lead
    • The lead will be responsible for liaising with organisations outside Europe and initiating new educational events with these organisations.
  • A basic science lead
    • The lead will be responsible for ensuring that basic science is addressed in ESOT’s educational portfolio. This includes the current educational portfolio and new courses.
  • A nurse or allied healthcare professional lead
    • The lead will be responsible for ensuring that nursing and allied health care sciences are addressed in ESOT’s educational portfolio. This includes the current educational portfolio and new courses.

The new Board members will support the Chair and Vice-Chair in the strategic development and implementation of the ESOT Education programme and will take the lead on specific parts of the programme as detailed above. For more information on the ESOT Education programme, please visit the ESOT Education webpage.

ESOT members in good standing are welcome to apply for the positions above. The new Education Committee Board Members will hold office for 3 years (2022-2025).

The Education Committee wishes to build a diverse and inclusive Board, with a balanced composition regarding gender, ethnicity, age, geographical area, specialty, profession, etc. Young transplant professionals as well as members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.


How to apply

To apply for one of the above positions, please send the following materials to Valentina Ricci (valentina.ricci@esot.org), specifying the position for which you are applying:

  • A short CV (2 pp. max)
  • A letter outlining the candidate’s suitability for the position and their vision/plans for the role.

All materials must be submitted no later than Sunday 12 December 2021. Those who wish to apply for more than one position should submit a letter for each position.

All applicants are encouraged to review the Terms of Reference to learn about the Education Committee activities and the responsibilities of the Board in detail.


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