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Online HESPERIS Course

Description & Objectives:

The perfect springboard for those entering the field of organ transplantation.

HESPERIS is a unique course on organ transplantation, providing an excellent platform for individuals who are entering the field and who wish to further their career. The course provides participants with essential knowledge in five key areas of transplantation: immunology, indications, organ donation, recipient management and regenerative medicine.

The course includes lectures by experienced transplant professionals accompanied by extensive readings, as well as self-assessment quizzes and an online forum. As the course is fully asynchronous, participants can learn at their own pace and according to their schedule. Participants will gain an extensive view of transplantation and will be able to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to implement into their own transplant centres.

The European Board of Transplantation Medicine of the Division of Transplantation of the UEMS recommends Hesperis as preparatory course for the Exam on Transplantation Medicine.
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Target Group:

Physicians, surgeons and scientists who are entering the field of organ transplantation and wish to acquire the advanced, multidisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

Immunology unit
Basics on HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) typing – Sebastiaan Heidt, Leiden, The Netherlands
Traditional and virtual X-match – Anthony Dorling, London, United Kingdom
DSA (Donor-specific antibody) – Anthony Dorling, London, United Kingdom
The jungle of immunosuppression: the surgeon’s point of view – Roberta Angelico, Rome, Italy
Tolerance: Where are we? – Anthony Dorling, London, United Kingdom

Indications unit
Am I a candidate for a kidney transplant? – Raj Thuraisingham, London, UK
Are there new indications for abdominal transplantations? – Roberta Angelico, Rome, Italy
Heart in kidney transplantation: views from over the diaphragm – Luciano Potena, Bologna, Italy
Indications and outcome in pancreas transplantation – Fabio Vistoli, Pisa, Italy
Indications and complications in islet cell transplantation – Lorenzo Piemonti, Milan, Italy

Organ Donation unit
Ethical issues in transplantation – Hannah Maple, London, UK
Technique for multiorgan retrieval – Luca Toti, Rome, Italy
Live kidney donor – Maria Irene Bellini, Rome, Italy
Living donation rules in liver: pediatric and adults – Roberta Angelico, Rome, Italy
Living donation rules in kidney: pediatric and adults – Maria Irene Bellini, Rome, Italy
Machine perfusion – Robert Minnee, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Recipient management unit
HBV (Hepatitis B virus), HCV (Hepatitis C virus) and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) in transplant recipients: not only a liver problem – Quirino Lai, Rome, Italy
Infection recurrence after transplantation – Jacopo Romagnoli, Rome, Italy
Malignancies recurrence and de novo – Quirino Lai, Rome, Italy
HCC (Hepatocellular carcinoma) management in liver transplantation – Quirino Lai, Rome, Italy
Recurrent disease post kidney transplant – Raj Thuraisingham, London, UK

Regenerative medicine unit
Introduction to regenerative medicine – Martin Hoogduijn, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The prospects of regenerative medicine – Ton Rabelink, Leiden, The Netherlands
Generation of mini-organs – Nuria Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain
Cell therapies in organ transplantation – Marlies Reinders, Leiden, The Netherlands
Repair of organs through machine perfusion – Sandra Lindstedt, Lund, Sweden


Raj Thuraisingham, London, United Kingdom

Luca Toti, Rome, Italy

Registration fee
300 EUR

The registration fee includes access to the recorded lectures, educational materials and CME credits.

Invoices will be issued both for payments made by credit card and bank transfer.

This course is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) to award 3 European CME credit (ECMEC) for each module.

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Laura Contessi – ESOT Team – Education Manager

Valentina Ricci – ESOT Team – Head of Governance and Education

How to register

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