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BSC Board member 2019-2023

Dagmar Kollmann works at the Department of General Surgery at the Medical University of Vienna where she is currently finishing her residency in general surgery. Dr. Kollmann studied human medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, where she also successfully finished her PhD in Immunology. After finishing the PhD, Dr. Kollmann spent two years as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Toronto Organ Preservation Laboratory in Canada under the supervision of Dr. Markus Selzner and Dr. Nazia Selzner. The main focus of her research was the normothermic liver perfusion and she performed numerous pig liver transplantations and pig liver perfusions as well as human liver perfusions. Back in Vienna, both hypothermic and normothermic liver machine perfusion have been successfully established in the clinical routine. Her main interests are the optimization of extended criteria grafts and the improvement of the assessment of liver grafts during machine perfusion. The main aim of the current projects is to translate biomarkers that had previously been identified in preclinical studies into the clinical routine. Additionally, Dr. Kollmann performs clinical research on extended criteria donors and expanding the criteria in liver transplant recipients.